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June 16
International selling made easy with multi-currency support in Katana

Katana now supports sales orders in multiple currencies. Manufacturers selling internationally can now quickly generate sales orders in any global currency. And all conversions are automatically calculated based on the day rate via API. Read more about the update.

June 10
Sync sales orders and fulfillment statuses between Katana and Etsy

You can now set up an integration with your Etsy store via Integromat. This integration will allow you to import sales orders together with products and customers and sync the fulfillment status back to Etsy. Read more about Etsy integration.

June 1
Set up code-free integrations with Integromat and Katana

Katana’s latest integration with Integromat makes it easy to set up custom integrations and automations without writing a single line of code. Built on Katana’s API, Katana’s Integromat integration gives users easy access to all our API workflows, making it possible to connect Katana to services and tools that do not have a native integration or are unavailable via Zapier. Read more about Integromat integration.

April 13
Barcode scanning launch for receiving

Barcode scanning is now available in Katana. This new feature makes it easy to identify products and materials and keep track of stock items when receiving goods. Higher efficiency and reduced risk of human error are guaranteed when barcodes are introduced in your factory. Learn more about barcode scanning.

Shift4Shop integration launch with Zapier

Manufacturers using Shift4Shop can now set up automatic order imports from Shift4Shop stores to their Katana account, centralizing all the sales and manufacturing data they need. Learn more about Katana’s Shift4Shop integration.

Katana is now Shopify Plus certified

The Katana team is thrilled to be joining the Shopify Plus partner program as the first manufacturing ERP to be listed. Shopify Plus’s hand-picked list of apps gives merchants an overview of services and tools with a proven track record of great reviews, high ratings, and overall performance. Read more.

March 23
Katana launches API Webhooks for full e-commerce integration

In addition to supporting the import of sales orders from e-commerce platforms, Katana users can now configure full e-commerce integration using API webhooks. Learn more about API webhooks in Katana.

Pipedrive integration launch for automatic sales order importing

Manufacturers using Pipedrive can now connect their Pipedrive and Katana accounts with Zapier to set up automatic deal imports, centralizing all sales and manufacturing orders in one platform. Learn more about Katana’s Pipedrive integration.

Update: Inventory and batch stock synchronization via Katana API

Inventory and batch data in Katana are now accessible via API. Katana users can map inventory and batches to sales orders and sync stock data across all their tools. This update also makes it possible to utilize inventory data to calculate product prices using average costs and easily configure batch consumption for sales orders. Learn more about this update.

March 1
Katana is listed in Digital’s Best Inventory Management Software 2021

Katana is featured in another article by Digital.com as one of the best inventory management software tools of 2021. Digital.com is a review site that amalgamates reviews from all over the web to give small businesses the means to investigate software before committing. Read more.

Easy Insight integration launch for optimized reporting

Katana launches its first integration with a business intelligence tool. Easy Insight is an analytics service that gives manufacturers an easy overview of the business insights with customizable dashboards and reports based on data in Katana. Learn more about Katana’s Easy Insight integration.

February 19
Katana is featured in Capterra and SoftwareAdvice’s Top Order Management Systems of 2021

Katana is featured on two leading software comparison sites as one of the best manufacturing order management systems in 2021. Read more.

Katana raises $11 million in Series A investment round

Katana raises funds to accelerate the building of new features and continue to improve our customer experience. The investment round was led by Atomico with the participation of several angel investors and an earlier investor, 42Cap, bringing the total investment raised by the company to $16M. Read more about the funding and our future plans.

February 15
Material tracking launch for total inventory control

Katana users can now easily keep track of consumed inventory with shop floor material tracking. With this new feature, manufacturers can track the quantities of materials and components used in production and record the number of goods produced. Learn more about material tracking.

Amazon Seller Central and Fulfillment by Amazon integration launch

Katana users can now integrate Katana with their Amazon Seller Central and Fulfillment by Amazon accounts. Manufacturers selling on Amazon or using Amazon’s fulfillment centers for storing and sending your products can set up automatic imports for sales orders from their Amazon accounts to Katana. Learn more about Katana’s Amazon integrations.

Ecwid integration launch for automatic sales order importing

Katana users can now set up automated imports for Ecwid sales orders by integrating their Ecwid shop with Katana via Zapier for total sales and production control. Read more about Katana’s Ecwid integration.

February 5
Salesforce integration launch for order management centralization

Manufacturers managing orders with Salesforce can now integrate both accounts to set up automatic sales order imports from Salesforce into Katana. This integration makes managing sales and manufacturing orders possible from one unified platform. Learn more about Katana’s Salesforce integration.

Update: End-to-end traceability of all inventory items

This update allows manufacturers to track all inventory movements throughout their entire production cycle. With full traceability, Katana users can monitor the movements and expiration dates of their raw materials, components, and sub-assemblies. Learn more about end- to-end traceability with Katana.

Katana is named one of the best MRP software programs of 2021

Katana MRP is featured in a Digital.com article on the top 15 MRP software programs of 2021. Digital.com gathers and reviews software based on user sentiment analysis and customer approval ratings to score companies every year. Our team is beyond thankful to all the users that helped us obtain this achievement. Read more.

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