Utilize Katana webhooks for integrations and automation

Implement webhooks for purchase orders to create instant custom integrations.

Published: 21.06.2022 2 min

In case you missed it, we recently announced that our API now has endpoints for all data (from sales to manufacturing), allowing you to create custom workflows and integrations. Today we’re excited to introduce webhooks for Purchase Orders (POs), which will help improve your API integrations and automation.

What is API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface, a software intermediary that allows two applications to communicate. Katana’s API is open, meaning developers outside of Katana can build into our software and make custom connections or integrations. The open API lets you set up custom workflows for yourself and allows our partners to build tailored software solutions for their customers.

Webhooks and how can you benefit from them

Webhooks offer an easy way to receive programmatic notifications about any changes to your data as they happen. They’re particularly significant if you’re running an app that needs real-time information from Katana.

You could already use webhooks for Katana Sales orders from integrated e-commerce platforms to:

  • Sync sales order status between Katana and your e-commerce platform
  • Automatically update fulfillment locations
  • Receive notifications about SO creation, updates, and deletions

Today, you can also use webhooks to create instant triggers for POs that allow you to build up further workflows such as:

  • Sending POs to a third-party app and reporting to it once the items are received
  • Sending notifications if:
    • The expected arrival date of a PO is changed
    • Items are received (partially or fully) at a warehouse
  • As well as several other custom use cases

Check out our guide to find detailed information on creating Katana webhooks.

What’s next?

We’ll continue to work further on webhooks and have already begun working on providing you with webhooks for inventory and Manufacturing orders — helping you improve current integrations and automation or build new ones.

Happy manufacturing!

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