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Inventory planning and forecasting

Manage your stock levels with insights that help you predict customer demand and avoid delays with tools that automate the forecasting process.

Keeping optimal inventory levels to fulfill every order

The planning and forecasting feature enables you to predict future inventory needs by analyzing current sales data and past trends. Make data-driven decisions to maintain optimal stock levels and streamline the supply chain.

Demand planning and forecasting

Bring data-driven forecasting into the forefront of your inventory planning to ensure you meet customer demand. Use historical and real-time data to proactively prevent stockouts and overstock.

Flexible inventory control

Set inventory control parameters that will help you always keep right amount of stock at hand. Determine ideal safety stock levels to safeguard against demand fluctuations.

Smart replenishment planning

Plan your purchasing and issue purchase orders directly from Katana to ensure timely and cost-efficient order fulfillment without stockouts or overstock.

See inventory planning and forecasting in action

Start the self-guided tour below to discover how Planning and Forecasting helps your company avoid stockouts while meeting customer demand

Planning and forecasting features built to meet your demand

Future-looking visibility of inventory levels is crucial for businesses working with physical inventory to avoid excess inventory and stockouts.

Planning and forecasting tools to meet customer demand

  • Demand planning — base your decisions on real-time sales data and maintain ideal inventory levels at all times
  • Demand forecasting — use historical data to proactively order and restock items, prevent stockouts, minimize overstock, and improve supply chain efficiency

Replenishment planning made to fit your business needs

  • SKU-based lead times — get accurate replenishment recommendations to stay on top of your inventory needs
  • Minimum order quantity — set precise order thresholds to minimize costs and reduce waste
  • Coming soon: Automatic reorder points — adjust reorder points based on real-time demand and consumption data
  • Coming soon: Safety stock calculations — determine ideal safety stock levels to safeguard from unexpected fluctuations in demand

Always stay in stock with streamlined purchasing

  • Replenishment recommendations – get a list of all your items and their forecasted stockout date, suggested reorder date, and quantities
  • Purchase order management — issue purchase orders based on replenishment recommendations and easily track purchase order statuses

Integrate your ecommerce, accounting, reporting, and CRM with Katana at the center

All your business tools — connected

Get visibility over your sales and stock

Wave goodbye to uncertainty by using Katana Cloud Inventory for total inventory control