Katana is packed with features that help you run a smart workshop. 


Production planning

  • Drag-and-drop priorities for manufacturing jobs
  • Track availability of materials
  • Accurate expected completion dates
  • Get real-time production status overview info from the floor-level
  • Manufacturing floor-level control

  • Task list for every production employee and production line
  • Clear pick list and instructions for each work order
  • “Started–paused–completed” statuses for work orders

Sales order fulfillment

Visual interface gives a clear overview of the status of all your sales orders. Have complete control and never miss a delivery deadline.

  • Track availability of products
  • Drag-and-drop priorities of customer orders
  • Create manufacturing orders for the production team
  • Manage order fulfillment cycle

Supply chain management

  • Clear overview of purchasing requirements
  • Purchase missing ingredients from suppliers
  • Create, confirm and receive purchase orders

Real-time inventory control

  • Automated inventory transactions
  • Control in hand, committed and expected stock amounts in real-time
  • Maintain optimal inventory levels using reorder points

Portfolio management

  • Easily manage variants of products and materials
  • Calculate costs based on product recipes (bill-of-materials) and production operations
  • Create multi-level product recipes with subassemblies
  • Business contacts management

  • Keep up to date registry of suppliers and customer
  • Manage contact information details

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