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Help your clients boost their manufacturing business and grow yours in the process by becoming a Katana Integration Partner. Talk to our API team today to learn more.

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When developing with Katana’s open API, you ensure your clients access the best manufacturing software on the market. Katana Integration Partners get direct access to our support and development teams. You will also receive a demo account and early access to new features and functionalities.

Grow your business as a Katana Integration Partner

Get featured on Katana’s website and enjoy the benefits of having Katana users directed your way when custom development is needed. Our sales and marketing teams actively team up with Partners for shared campaigns and marketing initiatives. And we’re always looking for new ways to collaborate.

Become an Integration Partner

Talk to our API team to learn more about joining Katana's growing ecosystem of Integration Partners.

Katana goes beyond the benchmark

Increase in productivity
Manufacturers use Katana to do more with less by automating repetitive tasks and minimizing waste.
<7 days
Implementation time
Implementing Katana is easy, whether on your own or with the help of our dedicated onboarding team.
Average customer rating
Our ratings on top review platforms speak for themselves and place us at the top of our industry.

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manufacturing ERP

Great software is flexible, powerful, and fun to use. Get excellent customer support, an intuitive interface, and integrations with leading business services and software to always stay up to date and in control.

Data that moves as fast as your inventory

Monitor your teams, sales, and inventory movements in real-time with software built for speed and accuracy.

Best-in-class onboarding and customer support

Your feedback is what shapes our product development, and our customer-facing teams are our greatest asset.

Native integrations and endless options via API

Sync all your business tools and build custom workflows with Katana’s open API, Integromat, and Zapier.

Easy to set up and enjoyable to use

There is no room for software manuals in the digital age. Implement Katana and see results in less than a week.

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