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Katana’s end-to-end inventory software helps cosmetics manufacturers boost efficiency, maintain stock levels, and keep customers smiling as you they grow their cosmetic businesses. Here’s how.

Essence One range of aromatherapy and cosmetics products made using Katana
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We needed a system that could help us assign and schedule tasks, and see how long the life of each product is – how long it takes to make, label, and shrink wrap. We needed this information per item and a way to multiply it long-term so that with larger projects, we can directly see the cost of materials and operations. We also wanted a better overview of our inventory, and Katana had it all.

Alaina Oehrlein

Production Lead at Essence One

Bottles of natural native products placed in the moss
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At first, we approached work ad-hoc, doing most things with estimations. But once we got Katana, we were able to formulate a schedule and get our stock under control. Where we previously experienced delays, we’re now on top of our order fulfillment with Katana.

Madeline White, Natural Native

Cosmetics inventory software that will nurture your personal care products from production to sale

The cosmetic industry is constantly growing and adapting to the needs of a demanding market. This means cosmetics producers need to continuously innovate, using new techniques to make their products both eco-friendly and cost effective. Within Katana, the bill of materials (BOM) feature is crucial for this, ensuring you’re always using the perfect balance of ingredients for each product, and handling automatic stock counting so you know when to reorder each ingredient to minimize lead time. 

Illustration showing Katana's production planning feature

Use product recipes to create the perfect blend, don’t waste perishable ingredients, and track batches of stock and products

The foundation of quality cosmetics is a well-planned production process, with product recipes (or a bill of materials) refined and perfected to deliver great health and beauty goods. And to help you in ensuring quality throughout your line, Katana lets you create multiple bills of materials, specifying each ingredient to maintain consistency every time an individual product is made. This is even more relevant when you’re working with a team, so they always know which raw materials make which product and in what quantities they’re required.

This product and quality management will also be informed by your sales, as demand for specific products should help you understand material requirements for which ingredients you’ll need to reorder in larger quantities and at what point you need it. Katana allows auto-reordering, so you can schedule stock orders at certain thresholds meaning you’re never hit by a sudden lack of ingredients and delayed in fulfilling an order.

subassembly MOs

Manage your sales channels and meet customer expectations

Once products are made and packaged, you don’t want to see them sitting in a warehouse nearing their expiration dates. Personal care products are always in demand, so you shouldn’t need to worry, but you do need an outlet to sell your goods whether it’s online or in person. Whether you’re creating make-to-stock batches, or make-to-order specialties, Katana has you covered. For online store management, we have native integrations with Shopify and WooCommerce, alongside a wide range of third-party providers. Your sales numbers will never be concealed in a dark corner of the internet when they’re synced directly with Katana.

If you’re selling in bulk to companies who then sell your products to consumers, we have lot tracking, so you can keep track of what’s made, and ready to be shipped. And we have shipping integrations to take care of this as well, so your entire manufacturing process is covered from end to end. 

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Cosmetics inventory software FAQs
Can I make products to sell direct to consumers in a physical location?

Yes indeed. Shopify, who we have a native integration with, can be linked to physical POS systems, so you can track and sync sales data in a shop or pop-up store and see everything within Katana.

Can I sell my cosmetic care products online via any e-commerce store?

You can sell your products however you prefer, but Katana has native integrations with Shopify and WooCommerce, so it’s worth checking them out to see if they might work for you and make things easy.

Can I track products in my warehouse using barcodes?

Yes, we now have barcode scanning functionality to make warehouse management more efficient, and simplify the batch and lot tracking process.

Do you track the cost of materials over time so I can see the average cost of each product?

We do, and we call this the moving average cost. You’ll be able to keep track of this and see if ingredients and products are going up or down in overall value and adjust your own prices accordingly.

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