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Optimized distribution inventory management

Katana supports both B2B and B2C sales channels with real-time visibility into inventory to optimize your order fulfillment.


One miscalculation and you’re stuck with a large order crushing profit margins

Katana gives you the insights you need to forecast demand, analyze sales trends, and better anticipate inventory requirements.

Real-time inventory

Gain a comprehensive live overview of your inventory for proactive stock management, preventing stockouts and overstock, and guaranteeing uninterrupted operations.

Multiple locations

Monitor inventory levels across all your business locations, view unified stock data, and execute stock transfers between warehouses with ease.


Track serial numbers, batches, and expiry dates seamlessly, guaranteeing precise stock identification and a process in place for potential recalls.

Sales order management

Consolidate sales data into a single view, streamline order fulfillment by tracking product availability, and gain valuable insights for your business.


Ensure timely and accurate restocking by ordering the correct quantities at the right moment and employing automatic unit conversion for bulk purchases.

Multiple currencies

Optimize your global operations and simplify cross-border transactions with robust multicurrency support for both sales and purchasing processes.

Real-time inventory management

By harnessing real-time software, you can optimize inventory allocation, streamline order fulfillment processes, and deliver goods to customers faster and more reliably.

Integrate your ecommerce, accounting, reporting, and CRM with Katana at the center

All your business tools — connected


Powerful features — easy to use

With the right software and workflows, it will feel like your products are selling themselves. Here are just some of Katana’s features that will make that feeling achievable

Inventory management

Real-time product visibility at all your locations helps you achieve improved delivery tracking, seamless operations, and efficient order fulfillment.

Production management

If you’re away from the shop floor and need to change production plans, you can prioritize production orders, and Katana will reallocate resources automatically.

Purchase management

Get ahead of demand by seamlessly generating purchase orders based on precise material requirements and finely tuned reorder points.

Cloud accounting

Katana Insights and real-time inventory valuations help you track your costs, and you can take your bookkeeping to the next level with accounting integrations.

Sales order management

Centralize and monitor your sales data from every channel. Seamlessly integrate with ecommerce platforms for comprehensive order management.

Warehouse management

The Warehouse app helps you improve picking and packing to optimize the fulfillment process, simplify tasks, and achieve better data accuracy when inventory planning.

Planning and forecasting

Manage your stock levels with insights that help you predict customer demand and avoid delays with tools that automate the process.

Get visibility over your sales and stock

Wave goodbye to uncertainty by using Katana Cloud Inventory for total inventory control