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Download a free bill of materials (BOM) template and start managing your stock. A proper bill of materials sample will help you plan, schedule and manage your inventory and production.

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A BOM is essential for accurate inventory planning and management

As a manufacturer, you probably know everything there is to know about inventory management and are possibly familiar with a bill of materials (BOM) too. Using a bill of materials Excel template will help you optimize your inventory and plan your production in as much detail as possible.
A bill of materials is an essential part of the manufacturing process. Here we look at why that is and how growing manufacturers can best make use of BOMs.

What is a bill of materials?

A BOM is a report that describes the requirements of inventory and product assembly.

It includes data like:  

  • Components used in production 
  • Materials needed in manufacturing 
  • Quantities of materials and components per product or batch 
  • Source and supplier for each inventory item 
  • Additional requirements for assembling or constructing the product 

A female worker looking through inventory in a warehouse to calculate the business’ inventory days on hand.

Benefits of BOM

Manufacturers use BOMs mainly to optimize all their processes and to avoid inefficiencies.

More specifically, a BOM has benefits like: 

  • Streamline the ordering process 
  • Minimize waste and cost by increasing accuracy in material tracking 
  • Identify components used in the assembly processes 
  • Prevent overstocking or understocking parts 
  • Simplify meeting regulatory requirements 

Tracking physical inventory counts with Katana

BOM software

If BOM spreadsheets and documents freak you out or seem like too much trouble, it’s time to find software to ease the process even more.

Why not try out Katana and see how it can help you?

  • Real-time tracking of your inventory in all locations 
  • Batch tracking from production to retail  
  • Reorder points to prevent understocking 
  • Generate and use barcodes for better inventory management 
  • Multilevel access to all your data

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Say BOM voyage to bad inventory management

With a downloadable bill of materials sample, planning your stock is a piece of cake.

Why do you need a bill of materials software?

Using a bill of materials software has several advantages, but here are the main ones to look out for:
Eliminate inefficiencies
With BOM software, you can track processes and time spent on them, thereby optimizing production and preventing idle time
Reduce costs
Tracking inventory in real time gives an accurate overview of how much materials are and should be used in the future
Improve productivity
Using the Shop Floor App gives access to shop-level workers and streamlines the manufacturing process
Manage resources
Supervise all your raw materials, suppliers, operators, and assignments in one place
Minimize waste
Once you have a better overview of your materials, you can plan your supplies better and cut down on leftovers
Maintain standards
Following your own guidelines and processes ensures your product passes every quality check and makes your customers happy

How Raw Coffee Company increased efficiency by 40%

Katana’s bill of materials (BOM) is a tremendous help in our manufacturing and production management. Integrations with Shopify and Xero also play a big role in business management, helping us streamline our operations from sales orders to ready-made goods. We can now manage both B2B and B2C orders with greater ease.

Nadia Hussain

Supply Chain Manager at Raw Coffee Company


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