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Katana is on a mission to build software that businesses love as much as the products they sell.
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Before a single line of code was written, our co-founders Kristjan and Priit raised $700,000 from investors with a 10-slide presentation in April 2017.

With the help of two developers and a designer, they built the very first prototype a month later. And by the end of the year, Katana went live, and welcomed its first paying customers in early 2018. 

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Since those early days, Katana has evolved dramatically, becoming a cloud inventory platform, offering built-in inventory, production, and reporting features to give you an end-to-end inventory management solution for modern businesses.

From our HQ in Tallinn, with the help of staff across North America, Europe and New Zealand, we’re helping businesses use the best software available for every element of their business with Katana uniting them all in a single platform. 

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Our product may evolve, but our mission remains the same – to give all businesses the live insights they need in a world where change is the only constant.

Businesses should be able to use new software when they need it, without losing key data or seeing their numbers go out of sync.

Our people

Kristjan Vilosius profile
Kristjan Vilosius
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
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Priit Kaasik profile
Priit Kaasik
Chief Technical Officer & Founder
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Hannes Kert profile
Hannes Kert
Chief Customer Officer & Founder
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Kristi Schumann profile
Kristi Schumann
Chief People & Culture Officer
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Riikka Söderlund profile
Riikka Söderlund
Chief Marketing Officer
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Brett Vomma profile
Brett Võmma
Chief Design & Research Officer
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Ben Hussey
Chief Revenue Officer
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The values we live by

Be customer value driven

We put our customers at the center of everything we do and measure our success by how much we can positively impact their business. This means putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes, speaking their language, and always listening with empathy.

Go beyond the benchmark

Goals are meant to be surpassed, and the only way to do that is to be ambitious and continuously challenge what we think is possible. Instead of dwelling on problems, we approach them head-on and work as one team to find the best possible way forward.

Be present and be open

Success is a team effort, and knowing how to use our collective mind sets us apart. When things are unclear, we speak up and ask questions. When things get tough, we talk. We are open and honest about how things are, good or bad, because we’re in this together.

Embrace being you

You are the sum of your best features and strangest quirks — we want to see the good and the weird. But being yourself comes with the responsibility of knowing how your words and actions affect others. We also trust that good intentions drive everyone’s actions.

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