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Get live inventory insights with Katana

Real-time product visibility at all your locations helps you achieve improved delivery tracking, seamless operations, and efficient order fulfillment

No more stockouts or overstocking

Boost customer satisfaction by always having products and materials on hand to fulfill all your orders immediately. Set reorder points to get notifications when inventory levels fall too low.

Real-time inventory

Gain a live view of your inventory, from raw materials to finished goods, and effortlessly manage items with multiple variants

Multilocation support

Easily monitor stock levels across all locations, view joint stock data, and execute transfers between warehouses

Reorder points

Set up reorder points for products and materials to ensure uninterrupted availability and avoid stockouts

End-to-end traceability

Frictionlessly track serial numbers, batches, and expiry dates, guaranteeing precise stock identification and recall readiness

Multichannel inventory

Maintain accurate stock levels across online and offline sales channels, ensuring seamless inventory management

Product availability

Track purchase and sales orders along with committed and arriving products to ensure timely order fulfilment

Get software that works with you

Schedule a meeting with one of our experts who can walk you through Katana’s features and show you how it fits into your processes and industry.

Product demo

Check out Katana’s product walkthrough to see how you can optimize inventory levels in real time and anticipate purchase orders to ensure you always have stock available to meet demand.

Integrate your ecommerce, accounting, reporting, and CRM with Katana at the center

All your business tools — connected

Get visibility over your sales and stock

Wave goodbye to uncertainty by using Katana Cloud Inventory for total inventory control