Industries we serve

Successful manufacturers from different fields have one thing in common: Katana Smart Manufacturing Software

Apparel & Footwear
Bags & luggage
Jewelry & watches
Decorative items
Gin crafting
Beer brewing
Adult toys
Musical instruments
Coffee roasting
Vaping & CBD
Cosmetics & skin care
Bikes and e-bikes
Candles and essential oils
Bath and soap
Industrial equipment
Outdoor gear
...and more!
Fashion & Accessories
Get your production looking as sharp as your customers with a bird's-eye view of your business.
Home Decor & Furniture
Get control over your growing business with a tool that handles all your bills of materials and SKUs.
Technology & Equipment
Go digital and streamline your order, inventory, and production management with the power of automation.
Food and Beverage
Handle ingredients with real-time inventory updates and a booking system that helps you manage orders.
Health & Beauty
Centralize your entire business onto one dashboard by integrating your e-commerce and accounting tools.
Vaping & CBD
A diverse inventory requires beefed-up software to handle the complexity of your production.
Print & Artwork
If you’re an artist working from home or a brand owner collaborating with others, never miss a deadline again.
Coffee roasting
Track every bean with coffee roasting software that improves order fulfillment, inventory, and production.
Hobbies & Outdoor
Get a better handle over your raw materials, sub-assemblies, components, and finished goods.
Manage your materials, manufacturing process, inventory and sales orders in one easy-to-use software.
Katana’s features and interface have been designed for jewelry designers. Ready to scale your business?