Industries we serve

Successful manufacturers from different fields have one thing in common: Katana Smart Manufacturing Software

Apparel & Footwear
Bags & luggage
Jewelry & watches
Decorative items
Gin crafting
Beer brewing
Adult toys
Musical instruments
Coffee roasting
Vaping & CBD
Cosmetics & skin care
Bikes and e-bikes
Candles and essential oils
Bath and soap
Industrial equipment
Outdoor gear
...and more!
Fashion and Accessories Industry with Katana MRP
Fashion & Accessories
Get your production looking as sharp as your customers with a bird's-eye view of your business.
Home and Decor industry with Katana MRP
Home Decor & Furniture
Get control over your growing business with a tool that handles all your bills of materials and SKUs.
Technology and Equipment Industry with Katana MRP
Technology & Equipment
Go digital and streamline your order, inventory, and production management with the power of automation.
Food and Beverage Industry with Katana MRP
Food and Beverage
Handle ingredients with real-time inventory updates and a booking system that helps you manage orders.
Health and Beauty Industry with Katana MRP
Health & Beauty
Centralize your entire business onto one dashboard by integrating your e-commerce and accounting tools.
Vaping and CBD Industry managed with Katana MRP
Vaping & CBD
A diverse inventory requires beefed-up software to handle the complexity of your production.
Print and Artwork Industry with Katana MRP
Print & Artwork
If you’re an artist working from home or a brand owner collaborating with others, never miss a deadline again.
Coffee Roasting Industry with Katana MRP
Coffee roasting
Track every bean with coffee roasting software that improves order fulfillment, inventory, and production.
Hobbies and Outdoor Industry with Katana MRP
Hobbies & Outdoor
Get a better handle over your raw materials, sub-assemblies, components, and finished goods.
Leather Working Industry with Katana MRP
Manage your materials, manufacturing process, inventory and sales orders in one easy-to-use software.
Jewelry Industry with Katana MRP
Katana’s features and interface have been designed for jewelry designers. Ready to scale your business?