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How Naturewall doubled sales while boosting efficiency

Based in the UK, Naturewall manufactures and sells all-natural acoustic paneling across the UK, Europe, and beyond. With Katana, they were able to keep sales, accounting, inventory, and production in sync and get the visibility they needed to scale operations.


sales orders


Doubled monthly



Shopify, Xero


Home and furniture



About Naturewall

Naturewall manufactures and sells all-natural acoustic wall paneling across the UK and the EU. Their products range from Slatwall and 3D paneling to decorative oak planks, all manufactured sustainably in Britain. Using Shopify as its primary sales channel, Naturewall uses Katana and Shopify in tandem to manage operations from sales to production.

With plans to expand to another fulfillment center outside the UK, Naturewall needed a solution that would allow them to manage multiple warehouses and integrate with their key accounting and ecommerce tools. Stephen Newlove needed software that would allow him to monitor manufacturing orders, ensure on-time fulfillment, and handle purchasing and sales on one platform.

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Finding the right tech stack

To manufacture home and furniture products like wall paneling, Naturewall needed software that would allow them to add their bill of materials to track raw materials and finished goods to keep their inventory levels optimal — including any subassemblies if needed.

While most of Naturewall’s sales are generated through D2C channels (like Shopify), they also needed software supporting B2B. They also needed software that was easy to use and would support floor-level task tracking.

I’ve used Sage, SAP, and in-house Excel programs in previous positions. Here they used Linnworks, but we couldn’t get it to meet the business production requirements, which is why Katana was brought in.

Previous software solutions they used (Sage, SAP, Linnworks) did not adequately meet the specific production requirements of the business and created operational challenges due to a lack of integrations with other business tools. They needed software that aligned with their unique production needs and integrated seamlessly with existing systems like Shopify and Xero.

Expanding operations and international reach with software

Katana’s ability to export data seamlessly into Excel format was highlighted as beneficial to Stephen, who is accustomed to Excel for collecting data. Katana’s Excel export capability allows him to leverage familiar tools for managing data, enhancing productivity, and enabling deeper insights into business operations. Access to historical data empowers informed decision-making and supports business analysis for continuous improvement.

We were doing £150-250,000 a month while struggling with the previous system at that time. With Katana, we’ve doubled that number and are working a lot more efficiently.

Stephen Newlove, Procurement and Logistics Manager at NatureWall

Integrated systems like Katana and Xero reduced duplication of data, improved accuracy, and enhanced efficiency in order processing and financial management. Katana, compared to Linnworks, had easier order management and description input, eliminating the need to remember complex product codes.

The Shop Floor App’s functionality allows for assigning tasks and tracking progress seamlessly across multiple production stages, enhances coordination and transparency in production processes, enabling efficient task allocation and monitoring of work-in-progress.

Multicurrency support in Katana streamlines international sales and procurement, reducing currency-related challenges and enhancing operational efficiency. Clear currency conversions and documentation support smoother transactions and accurate financial reporting, boosting confidence in international business dealings.

How Katana’s Advanced plan features gave Naturewall the visibility they needed to double monthly sales

The intuitive design of Katana, resembling an “educated Excel sheet,” improves user productivity by providing a structured and visually appealing platform for data management and operations. Katana’s complex data transformation into an easy-to-understand format minimizes confusion and errors, allowing users to focus on critical tasks without being overwhelmed by raw data.

By leveraging Katana’s user-friendly interface, Naturewall’s team can execute tasks efficiently, leveraging sophisticated data capabilities without requiring extensive technical expertise.

Get visibility over your sales and stock

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