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How Wabanaki Maple solves sticky problems — a tech stack that increases sales without hiring

Wabanaki Maple produces barrel-aged maple syrup in Canada and distributes their product throughout Canada and the United States. With the company growing rapidly, they needed a solution to switch from Excel spreadsheets and decided to go with Katana and its integrations. The tech stack they decided on allowed them to not only streamline the manufacturing process, but also double their sales volume.

How Delta Development Team effortlessly stays in stock with Katana

Delta Development Team Inc. manufactures portable refrigerators for the transportation of blood. They switched from using only QuickBooks Desktop to a setup of Katana integrated with QuickBooks Online, giving them live inventory tracking and planning as well as a structured and unbroken manufacturing process.

How Sylmasta raised revenue with Katana

Sylmasta overhauled production operations, integrated accounting and sales, and even brought a new integration to Katana to make shipping easier for everyone. Read how they did it all.

A selection of Sylmasta's products

How Naturewall doubled sales and boosted efficiency with Katana

Based in the UK, Naturewall manufactures and sells all-natural acoustic paneling across the UK, Europe, and beyond. With Katana, they were able to keep sales, accounting, inventory, and production in sync and get the visibility they needed to scale operations.

NatureWall home and furniture products built using Katana — living room slatfwall

KODAMA improves inventory control by 80% with Katana

KODAMA produces custom-made luxury hanging loungers and uses Katana to integrate directly with QuickBooks Online and manage orders, inventory, and production. Within eight months of implementing Katana, their team drastically improved efficiency and boosted on-time sales order fulfillment.

Kodama lounger on a terrace

Raw Coffee Company boosts on-time order fulfillment by 60% with Katana

Raw Coffee Company uses Katana to optimize the production and distribution of freshly roasted and ethically sourced specialty coffee in the UAE and beyond. Features like batch and expiry date tracking and integrations with services like Xero and Shopify made Katana their go-to choice.

Raw Coffee Company produced coffee packs

System76 boosts production planning by 80% with Katana

Katana gives System76 the real-time overview they need to manage production scheduling and scale their manufacturing operations effectively. With the help of Katana, their team spends 50% less time on admin while boosting production efficiency by 80%.

Computers made by System76

Komali Tortillas Improves Inventory Control by 70%

As a food producer, Komali Tortillas management quickly identified that the food manufacturing operations are complex not only from a production scheduling perspective where they need to manage product recipes, inventory, and operations.

Komali Tortillas product

Buttercream Clothing increases inventory control by 80%

Buttercream Clothing is a Canadian fashion brand. Production planning and control are quite important aspects of fashion manufacturing, and doing it well means on-time delivery, efficient labor management, and appropriate material planning.

Clothes folded in a box with a cupcake-shaped label on them

Hornby Organic improves production efficiency by 100% with Katana

Hornby Organic drastically improved inventory control and spent half as much time on admin after switching to Katana. They needed manufacturing software that would help them achieve end-to-end traceability and get the visibility they needed to scale production and stay profitable.

Hornby Organic bars in a box on a conveyor belt


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Besides improving day-to-day operations and inventory management for our raw materials and finished goods, Katana has also helped us decrease our lead production time by 35% through improved order production and sourcing planning.

Jérôme Bacquias, Paper Republic Founder

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