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Food inventory management software

Whether you create food items for online orders, run a food truck, or work in the restaurant industry, Katana can work with you. Watch inventory levels, maintain cost control and make sure you’re never running low on great products or happy customers with food inventory software.


Get a live look at your business with features that keep your teams and products moving

Katana’s food inventory management software is packed with features that help you boost efficiency and align your teams to ensure complete inventory control and high-quality production.

Live inventory management

Get total inventory control for finished products and raw materials, automate stock transactions, and set reorder points to prevent stockouts

End-to-end traceability

Keep an eye on your inventory across the whole supply chain, tracing lots, batches, serial numbers, and more

Shelf life management

Track the expiry dates of your products to minimize waste, comply with industry regulations and ensure customer satisfaction

Multichannel order management

Sync all your sales orders from multiple channels into a single platform to manage all your inventory levels from one place

Warehouse management

Gain stock visibility inside warehouses and simplify daily operator tasks by assigning default storage bins to products and materials

Real-time master planning

Make data-driven business decisions, prioritize production and sales based on available supplies, and gain full control of your operations

Financial visibility and cloud accounting

Sync Katana with your accounting software like QuickBooks Online and ensure consistency between inventory and accounting records


Build a custom workspace for your specific requirements and choose from a wide range of integrations to streamline your day-to-day tasks

Custom workflows via API

Set up custom integrations and create unique workflows to meet the needs and fulfill the unique requirements of your business

Food inventory software to track perishables, create recipes, and minimize waste through smart reordering

Finding a solution to track your perishable inventory is crucial for businesses in the food and beverage industry. Katana’s food inventory management software makes it easy to ensure your raw materials and finished goods are constantly fresh and of the highest quality. Katana offers real-time tracking of your entire inventory, so you always know your stock levels and where everything is, keeping your organization running smoothly and customers satisfied.

Food and beverage inventory control software for consistent, high-quality goods

Katana gives businesses in the food and beverage industry complete control over their inventory, minimizes waste, and reduces costs. It enables you to keep putting out high-quality products while maintaining optimal inventory levels and eliminating stockouts.

Katana’s food inventory software equips you with features to:

  • Track your entire inventory in real time across multiple locations
  • Create bills of materials (BOMs) for consistent production processes
  • Monitor costs based on your BOMs and operations
  • Track batch numbers and expiration dates for industry compliance

Food and beverage inventory software to centralize your entire business

Along with being an ideal food manufacturing and inventory control software, there are a wealth of sales and accounting integrations within Katana, and ways to make them work for your food business. Connecting the business services you use enables Katana to act as a single source of truth for all your operational data.

Integrate all your business tools with food inventory software to:

  • Keep your inventory and sales orders in sync while eliminating human errors
  • Align orders across all your sales channels for streamlined order management
  • Automatically keep your accounting system up to date without tedious copy-pasting
  • Effortlessly update your product listing in online stores and marketplaces

Discover the power of real-time insights

  • Explore key features tailored to your needs
  • Discover how Katana can optimize your workflows
  • Schedule a demo at a time convenient for you

Learn more about our plans and the features they come with

  • Plans starting from $179 / month
  • Annual and monthly billing options
  • Add users and warehouses as you grow

Integrate your food inventory management software with the services you love most

Create custom API integrations

Use Katana’s open API to create custom workflows and connect to apps beyond our list of integrations. Automate data transfers between the services you use to level up efficiency. Take a look at our API documentation to learn more.

Food inventory management software FAQs

Managing inventory in the food industry is crucial to ensure the efficient operation of your business while minimizing waste and ensuring food safety. Here are the key steps and strategies for effective inventory management in the food industry:

  • Categorize inventory — Separate your food inventory into categories, such as perishable and non-perishable items, to make management easier for yourself and the team.
  • Set par levels — Establish minimum and maximum stock levels to prevent overstocking and shortages while optimizing your storage capacity.
  • FIFO (First-In, First-Out) — Prioritize the use of older food items to minimize spoilage and waste.
  • Regular audits — Make a habit of physical inventory audits to ensure accurate records and reduce discrepancies.
  • Vendor relationships — Develop strong relationships with suppliers for reliable and timely deliveries, and negotiate favorable terms.
  • Food inventory software — Invest in suitable software to monitor inventory, generate purchase orders, and provide real-time stock data.
  • Safety stock — Maintain a reserve of essential items and ingredients to be prepared for unexpected demand fluctuations and delivery delays.

Restaurants use food inventory control software to manage their stock levels, ensuring the right balance of ingredients and minimizing waste. They employ strategies like digital tracking with the software, regular physical audits, efficient supplier management, and analyzing waste patterns to adjust orders and reduce excess.

Food inventory software is a digital tool designed for managing stock in food-related businesses. It helps in tracking, organizing, and controlling food items efficiently. Key features include:

  • Real-time stock updates
  • Automated reordering
  • Spoilage tracking
  • Cost control
  • Analytics

It’s often referred to as food inventory management or food and beverage inventory software.

In the food and beverage industry, excellent inventory software can be the difference between survival and failure. Knowing what you have in stock, when it expires, what needs to be made, and what’s in demand all factor into the decisions you’ll make as a business.

Knowing food costs and expiry dates, combined with sales forecasts, will assist in setting smart reorder points and automating transactions so you’re never out of crucial ingredients.

Katana offers these options as a food inventory management software, and more, as you gain total control over your food inventory from day one.

Using the integration with Shopify, you can link a point of sale system within a physical or pop-up store with your inventory software.

This consolidates all of your critical data into one place and means your stock, products, and sales will be aligned, so you can make inventory reports and plan ahead for which products to make more of and which to cut back on.

Get visibility over your sales and stock

Wave goodbye to uncertainty by using Katana Cloud Inventory for total inventory control