Revolutionize your item handling with warehouse inventory management software

Warehouse managers know how important it is to track inventory. Katana automates your warehouse processes, so you can understand what's in stock, what needs to be ordered, and when items are due to arrive at a glance.

Access inventory from anywhere with warehouse inventory management software

Know your stock levels at all times, adjust quantities as needed, and complete stock transfers between locations. The Stock screen gives you an overview of all your inventory items. Being aware of your inventory status is crucial and is why warehouse management systems (WMS) are important. Stay on top of things by knowing exactly what you have in stock at all times.
Tracking physical inventory counts with Katana

Katana supports shipping workflows to suit your processes

We know that every warehouse is different. That’s why we’ve designed our software to be flexible, so it can adapt to the way you work.

Whether managing a single warehouse or multiple warehouses across different locations, Katana has the features you need to streamline your operations.

Our powerful software offers shipping workflow features like:

  • Search and filter inventory by location, status, or item type
  • Track stock levels, inventory turnover, and more
  • Set reorder points to avoid reputation-damaging stockouts

And, of course, every business has its own tech stack carefully chosen to suit the needs and operations of the company. We allow API integration with other software platforms so that you’ll never need to change how you do things.

Business owner checking his retail inventory counts using an RFID inventory system

Your sales team will love Katana, not just your warehouse managers

They’ll be able to see what’s in stock and place manufacturing and purchase orders when items are running low — no more back-and-forth between different platforms. Plus, they can track the status of orders and view past order history. All the information they need is right at their fingertips.

If you’re looking for a warehouse inventory management software that’s easy to use and packed with features, look no further than Katana.
Here’s why:

  • Complete inventory control and sales order management across multiple sales channels
  • View stock levels by location and perform stock transfers if needed
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface to quickly understand the status of orders
Full manufacturing order and inventory visibility with Katana

End-to-end traceability with software for warehouse inventory management and beyond

Scanning items into your warehouse is now easier than ever with Katana. Simply scan the item’s barcode, and our software will automatically find the purchase order it belongs to. You can also view the item’s details, such as its description, unit price, and more.

Plus, you can track where each item is located in your warehouse with the “Location” field. This is especially useful if you have a large warehouse or multiple warehouses. With this feature, you can:

  • Receive batch trackable items
  • Export barcodes for printing
  • Fully or partially receive purchase orders

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A warehouse inventory system that integrates with your favorite tools for a smooth workflow from purchases to sales

Native integrations, codeless templates, and fully customizable API integrations

Katana warehouse inventory management system gives users access to the API, allowing you to create custom workflows and connect your business apps to manage your sales, manufacturing, and accounting on one platform. Process automation with data transfers between the services you use to level up efficiency. Take a look at Katana’s API documentation to learn more.

We needed help with Shopify inventory control for raw materials, and Katana exceeded our expectations.”

Katana integrates everything, making for effective company-wide resource planning and control of our entire process.”

With Katana, we are able to track products, build recipes for materials, and set reorder points for our materials as well.”

It’s great to be able to see where inventory faults happen and being able to fulfill orders and where the turnaround happens.”

Warehouse management software FAQs
Can I integrate CartRover?

Yes, CartRover is one of the many software platforms that Katana integrates with. Easily import sales orders and related customer data from your e-commerce store to Katana.

How many warehouses can I manage with Katana?

There is no limit to the number of warehouses you can manage with our software. Whether you’re managing a single warehouse or multiple warehouses across different locations, Katana WMS systems has the management features you need to streamline how your warehouse operates and optimizes warehouse management.

Can I manage outsource manufacturing with Katana’s warehouse inventory management software?

Yes, you can generate and track Outsource Purchase Orders using our contract manufacturing features. This way, you can keep track of your inventory, even if it’s not physically in your warehouse.

Do You support shipping workflows of businesses taking orders from B2B sales and EDI?

Yes, we support various shipping workflows depending on your manufacturing processes. We know that every warehouse is different. That’s why we’ve designed our software to be flexible, so it can adapt to the way you work. From D2C manufacturers to project-based manufacturers, Katana will work for you.

Do you have printing options?

Sales Orders in Katana can be exported as a PDF or CSV for printing. You can create it as a template and easily print out picking tickets, packing slips, and labels.

What is ERP software, and how does it help with warehouse management?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is a type of business management tool that helps businesses manage their operations more effectively. One key area where an ERP system can be particularly helpful is warehouse management.

ERP software can help streamline and optimize warehouse operations in a number of ways. For instance, it can help with the flow of information between different departments within a company, ensuring that everyone has the most up-to-date data for managing inventory levels, customer orders, and so on. Additionally, ERP software can help track and manage the physical movement of goods within a warehouse, making it easier to keep track of stock levels and ensure that orders are fulfilled accurately and on time.

In short, ERP software can help make warehouse management more efficient and effective, leading to better overall business performance. ERP software may be a good option to consider if you’re looking for a way to improve and implement warehouse automation into your business.

What is a warehouse management system (WMS)?

A warehouse management system (WMS) is a software application that helps warehouse managers control and optimizes the storage and movement of inventory within a warehouse. A WMS software can help improve inventory accuracy, increase operational efficiency, and reduce overall costs by automating and streamlining key warehouse processes.

There are many different types of WMS systems on the market, each with its own unique set of features and capabilities. When choosing a WMS for your business, selecting one that will best fit your specific needs and requirements is important.

Some of the key features and benefits of a warehouse management system include:

  • Improved inventory accuracy — A WMS can help to improve inventory accuracy by automating data collection and tracking processes. This can help to eliminate errors and ensure that inventory levels are always up-to-date
  • Increased operational efficiency — By automating tasks such as order picking, packing, and shipping, a WMS can help to increase operational efficiency and reduce labor costs
  • Reduced costs — A WMS can help reduce inventory management costs, including storage, shipping, and handling
  • Improved customer service — A WMS can help to improve customer service by providing real-time visibility into inventory levels and order status. This can help ensure that orders are fulfilled on time and that customers are always kept up-to-date on their order status

A warehouse management system can offer many benefits for businesses that rely on warehouse operations for their success. If you’re considering implementing a WMS in your business, select one that best fits your specific needs and requirements.

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