Smart Production Scheduling Software for Manufacturers

Katana makes production planning and scheduling simple. Seamlessly manage your inventory, purchasing and production from a single dashboard.
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Production Scheduling Software from Katana.
Katana has been specifically designed for the needs of modern manufacturers who want to scale.
Finished Goods & Material Availability
Katana takes available raw materials and automatically allocates them to production orders, as well as finished goods to sales orders. Built in batch traceability with expiry date tracking allows you to use the right stock at the right time – at the best quality. Real-time updates of inventory and operations, and complete order fulfillment at your fingertips.
Bill of Materials (Product Recipes)
You can create a specific bill of materials (or product recipe) for each product and product variant; you can add both materials and subassemblies to your recipes. Based on your bill of materials, Katana will make automatic inventory adjustments, calculate manufacturing costs and check the availability of materials for manufacturing orders.
Priority-Based Production Planning
With Katana’s unique manufacturing tracking system, you can simply drag-and-drop to prioritize manufacturing orders. The priority of manufacturing orders affects material availability and production deadline calculations. Stay in control of your operations and never miss a deadline again.
Multichannel Sales Support
Centralize all your sales orders into one visual dashboard and gain multi-channel inventory visibility. Track the status of manufacturing orders at multiple locations and inventory levels at different warehouses.
Shop Floor Level Control
Track floor level operations digitally with the Katana shop floor mobile app and establish paperless tracking. Katana allows you to prioritize the task list for every operator and production line. Create and manage shop floor operators from your MRP. Retain control of production progress for MOs with shop floor task progress (WIP) updated directly in your MRP.
Updates in Real-Time
Quickly get an overview of tasks in progress (WIP) with automatic order updates in real time directly in your MRP. Removing the need for daily or weekly basic status updates and inefficient spreadsheets. Get multichannel inventory visibility and manage various sales channels in one easy-to-use, visual platform.

Simple and Visual Production Scheduling

Katana makes your production process more efficient, accurate and hassle-free. Now you can manage your inventory, production processes, and sales orders from one easy-to-use production scheduling software free to try. Every little detail in our production planning software has been designed with the precise needs of the growing business in mind. It’s the ideal manufacturing schedule software for small business.

Stockouts are a Thing of The Past.

Never again run out of raw materials and products to sell. Our production scheduling software uses your sales data in absolute real-time to help adjust your safety stock. With Katana you can:
Drag-and-drop priorities for customer orders and manufacturing tasks
End-to-end traceability for products with batch tracking
Identify delay risks related to material supply lead times
Real-time inventory control of finished goods and raw materials
Task level control for effective shop floor management
Track actual manufacturing costs based on bill of materials and operations
Sync sales with e-commerce and accounting platforms

Stop Making Spreadsheets, Start Making Products

Ditch the old spreadsheets and take your business to the next level with Katana, the best bill of materials software for manufacturers just like you.

What Makes Us Different?



One size doesn’t fit all with production plan software. User experience and features are tailored to fulfill the everyday needs of a growing business. So everyone on the team is in the know and up to speed.


It only takes minutes to set up your business. Importing data is easy and you can start improving daily operations from day one.


Friendly towards all your other business essentials. E-commerce, accounting and many more integrations to keep your business flowing.
Seamless integrations with popular online services.
From accounting to e-commerce.
Katana integrates with e-commerce and accounting tools.
Seamless integrations with popular online services.
From accounting to e-commerce.
Katana integrates with e-commerce and accounting tools.


500+ modern manufacturers around the world trust Katana
Foxen Canyon Soap Testimonial of Katana MRP
Great choice for small manufacturers.
”I tried several different MRPs before settling with Katana. Some were too clunky, others too expensive, complicated and elaborate. I felt a bit like Goldilocks. Katana was just right.”
Ellowyn Isaacson
Soap manufacturing

Farryn Amber Testimonial of Katana MRP
Katana is a life saver - I would recommend.
”I discovered Katana last year after a long time searching for a platform to help with our in-house manufacturing. Katana has been a life saver in terms of keeping track of stock with raw materials and finished products. I would definitely recommend!”
Farryn Watts
Health and Beauty

Brewmstick Coffee Testimonial of Katana MRP
Streamlined our business processes.
”Katana has been an effective integration for streamlining our business processes from purchase orders to manufacturing and inventory with Xero.”
Israel Sanchez
Coffee Roasting

Gregs Glass Testimonial of Katana MRP
Exactly what we were looking for.
”The best feature is the ability to build items to order instead of having to build them to stock first. This was exactly what we were looking for. The way the software automatically updates stock depending on how you prioritize jobs is also really good.”
Daniel James
Furniture and Home Decor

"I wish we had not waited so long before moving our production management from spreadsheets to online. Katana really made the transition easy for us. We couldn't operate without a manufacturing scheduling software anymore."

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General FAQs

What is a production schedule?

A production schedule is essentially a timetable used for tasks and operations for the manufacturing of products.

How can I do my production scheduling?

Manufacturers often start off scheduling production using spreadsheets. However, many switch to software as their business grows and spreadsheets become inefficient.

What is production scheduling software?

Production scheduling software gives you the tools to effectively manage, track and organize your teams tasks. Nowadays, this software is also includes other benefits ranging from inventory management to sales order fulfillment.

Do I need production scheduling software?

As a manufacturer the answer is most likely a yes. With the right app you will be able to improve your production scheduling, inventory management, material purchasing and sales order fulfillment. Without it, you might find yourself lacking the time and resources to grow your business effectively.
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