Take control of your business using an order management software

Business growing fast and paperwork getting out of hand? Switch to an order management software to streamline all processes from manufacturing to sales. Stop filling in spreadsheets manually and start scaling your business to reach its full potential.

Stop chasing orders and start growing them

Order management software gives you a full overview of all aspects of your business, from manufacturing to sales. Katana’s software for order management automates your day-to-day tasks and automatically allocates them to open orders, so you can better utilize your resources for scaling your business.
Tracking physical inventory counts with Katana

Monitor your manufacturing and everything related to it

Handling inventory can be a headache – manually updating stock numbers after every order, keeping up with raw materials, and ensuring you are always prepared to take orders and fill them can quickly become overwhelming. That is why using software for order management can be a real lifesaver.

Katana’s order management software allows you to:

  • Track stock of your products in real time  
  • Keep count of materials and automatically distribute to open manufacturing orders 
  • Prioritize production based on customer needs and raw material supply 
  • Set reorder points for supplies to maintain a steady flow of materials 

Full manufacturing order and inventory visibility with Katana

Create a pipeline for your sales process and maintain it even as volumes grow

As a business just starting out, it might be easy to process orders and manage sales. But, as your company and client base grows, it gets increasingly difficult to handle everything correctly. Take full advantage of order management software and let it do the tedious work for you.

Have an overview of the whole sales process:

  • Maintain incoming orders and sales 
  • Stay up to date on daily tasks in all your teams 
  • Distribute inventory across your warehouses and storefronts 
  • Track outgoing orders and incoming supply deliveries 
Illustration of a box containing different software that can be integrated with Katana

Use integrations to create a custom workflow to meet your specific needs 

If you already use a system or product that helps your business with daily tasks, then feel free to integrate it into Katana’s order management software. There are native integrations to help with sales, accounting, delivery, etc. You can also build a custom workflow using the open API and integrate your other favorite business tools.

Choose from a wide range of integrations:

  • Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce to synchronize your sales orders 
  • Various shipping tools to create shipments and track deliveries 
  • Accounting tools like QuickBooks and Xero to help you with bookkeeping 
  • Or build your own workflow using the open API  

Katana allows us to have a complete, real-time overview of our manufacturing processes and keeps our operations under control.”

Katana provides us with all the features for manufacturing order management, we can track inventory usage and incorporate our sales order tracking into Katana.”

With Katana, we are able to track products, build recipes for materials, and set reorder points for our materials as well. That was the main reason why we selected Katana.”

Since implementing Katana, it has freed up my time so I can focus on designing and creating more products. It also means that I am not working until 11 pm every night.”

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Save time on manual work to focus on what matters — the product and customers. Switch to Katana’s software for order management and understand why other businesses prefer using it.
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Create a workflow that works for you, not against you

Native integrations, codeless templates, and fully customizable API integrations

Choose from a wide range of native integrations or take full advantage of the open API to build your own customized workflow. From e-commerce to accounting, manufacturing to sales — all aspects of your business can be covered by choosing the best tools to help your business thrive. 

Order management software FAQs
What software do businesses prefer for order management?

Many businesses use ERP solutions such as SAP, Oracle NetSuite, or Katana. Whichever order management system or software you choose, make sure it meets all the needs of your business and has features that streamline your order process.  

What are the best 5 practices of order management?

Here are 5 best practices for order management:   

  • Track your inventory in one place: aggregate all your locations and warehouses into one system and keep an eye on all your locations simultaneously
  • Don’t be afraid of automation: it may seem like giving up control at first, but you will soon realize that automation speeds up and optimizes your workflow
  • Go over your costs: keeping track of money and time spent on different processes can reveal hidden fees that you weren’t aware of and help avoid them in the future
  • Make returns as effortless as possible: as much as you perfect your product and packaging, there will still be returns. Make a habit of handling them regularly and automate as much of the process as possible
  • Train your team: a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and surely you want your chain to be a strong one. Ensure your staff is skilled in taking care of your product and customers
What’s the difference between order management software and ERP?

Order management systems are software that is built specifically to manage all order-related tasks, while a manufacturing ERP like Katana streamlines the whole manufacturing process from raw materials and manufacturing to sales and accounting.  

How to get started with an order management software?

Sign up for Katana’s 14-day free trial and try all the features a software for order management has to offer. 

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