Is your production out of hand?

Wrangle control of your resources and inventory with Katana’s production management software.

Katana is the weapon of choice for scaling manufacturers looking to automate their factory floor with production management software.

Finished Goods & Material Availability

Our unique auto-booking system is sure to give you that control you need. Katana automatically allocates raw materials to production orders and finished goods to sale orders, so you know immediately if you can fulfill an order or if you need to purchase more materials. Production management software with real-time control at your fingertips.

Priority-Based Production Planning

The production management software takes away all the stress of scheduling production. Katana automatically schedules production when orders come in, and if you need to reschedule, simply drag-and-drop to prioritize your orders, and Katana will calculate material availability and deadlines for you.

Manufacturing Floor-Level Control

Improve your production by prioritizing task lists for every team member and operation. Define your workflows and create clear pick lists for employees, while being able to monitor progress based on “start - in progress – complete” statuses.

Katana’s production management software handles it all! From production cost calculations to purchasing.

Best of all, you can get access to these tools and not break the bank in the process.

Katana has an intuitive interface, visual dashboard, and a smart auto-booking system that makes the software easy to use and a manufacturer's ally for business growth.

Watch the video to see for yourself just how production management software works for you.

Seamless integrations with popular online services.

From accounting to e-commerce.

Is it time to upgrade to production management software?

Don’t succumb to poor production management with spreadsheets. Take your business to the next level with Katana Smart Manufacturing Software.


Production management software has helped businesses around the world
Excellent solution
“Katana is an excellent solution for manufacturers who sell directly on Shopify. From the raw materials to the sale of the final product, Katana manages and tracks every detail, so you don’t have to.”
Owner, Tim Waggoner
Eyewear manufacturing
Solved my inventory issues.
”Katana solved my inventory issues right away. The seamless Quickbooks invoicing integration makes it simple to generate invoices. I save hours a day with Katana. I can't recommend it highly enough.”
Owner, Shawn Lee
Food and Beverage
The best software for my business.
”I tried several different MRPs before settling with Katana. Some were too clunky, others too expensive, complicated, and elaborate. I felt a bit like Goldilocks. Katana was just right.”
Owner, Ellowyn Isaacson
Soap manufacturing
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