Katana is One of The Best MRP Software Programs of 2021

Katana MRP has been featured in the Digital.com article: THE 15 BEST MRP SOFTWARE PROGRAMS OF 2021 🎉

Katana MRP featured in the Digital.com 15 Best MRP software programs of 2021.
Thanks to Digital.com for featuring us in the 15 Best MRP Software Programs of 2021 article.

You can read more about the methodology used by Digital.com for their findings, but simply put, they gather and review software based on sentiment analysis of users and customer approval ratings to score companies.

We all at Katana want to thank all of our users for helping us obtain this achievement. Keep giving us your feedback, and we promise to improve Katana further and help you keep scaling your business 💪

What the Future Holds for Katana Users

Don’t think for one second with this announcement that we’re going to rest on our laurels.

With Katana MRP, users don’t have access to one dashboard anymore. With Katana, you can get access to:

  • Essential MRP features;
  • A separate smart device app for shopfloor workers; and
  • Our latest release, the API, so you can configure Katana to do exactly what you need it to do.

And each of these we are still developing and adding more features, closing that gap so you can centralize your entire business.

About Digital.com

Digital.com is a review site that consolidates user reviews from across the internet to help small businesses find the best tools for their business, removing the fear of committing to a tool that might not be appropriate for their business.

We’re glad to have brought you this news, and we look forward to continuing working together long into the future.

And until the next update, happy manufacturing.