Set up code-free integrations with Integromat and Katana

Our newest integration using Katana’s API allows users to import data and sync order fulfillment statuses between apps with Integromat.

Published: 02.06.2021 3 minute read

Katana’s latest integration with Integromat makes it easy to set up custom integrations and automation without writing a single line of code. Our Integromat integration was built on Katana’s API and available to all our Pro-plan users. And all Katana API workflows are accessible without the help of a developer, making it easier than ever to make your business smarter.

About Integromat

Integromat is a powerful integration platform that allows you to visualize, design, and automate workflows in minutes. Built to make automation simple, Integromat connects the apps and services you use seamlessly. Instead of dealing with manual, repeatable tasks, Integromat automates what it can so you can concentrate on the activities that help you grow and manage your manufacturing business.

What you can do with this new integration

While our team is continuously testing new workflows and Integromat integrations, you can already:

  • Integrate with apps and services that Katana does not have a native integration with or aren’t available via Zapier
  • Import products, customers, and sales orders from your favorite e-commerce or CRM platform and sync sales order fulfillment statuses back to the originating system
  • Send inventory data to e-commerce, CRM, and other platforms
  • Get notified about sales order changes (created, updated, or deleted) in Katana and send this data to other systems
  • Connect Katana with a broad range of task management tools and more

How to set up Integromat with your Katana account

To automate tasks with Integromat, you need to create what Integromat calls a Scenario. A Scenario essentially describes how data should be transferred and transformed between connected apps and services. Once the Scenario is created, it will look for new data in the specified app or service, then Integromat will execute the task for you.

Read our Knowledge Base guide to getting started with Integromat, and keep an eye on our blog and your inbox for updates on tried-and-tested automation using Integromat and your favorite tools and apps.

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