November 5
Katana Knowledge Base launch

Katana launches its Knowledge Base, including how-to guides, articles, and video tutorials to help Katana users get started and make the most of all available features.

August 1
Multi-user support launch

Katana launches new features to support multiple users in one account, making it possible for manufacturers to collaborate with their team in Katana.

July 16
Priority management launch

Katana releases drag-and-drop task priority management. When manufacturing order priority is changed, Katana redistributes inventory to fit the new production schedule.

July 2
Master production planner launch

Katana releases its real-time master production planner for live inventory tracking. Katana users can now prioritize manufacturing orders and automatically allocate available materials and finished products to optimize order fulfillment.

May 1
Katana launches its first integration with Shopify

Our development team starts working on a native Shopify integration, making it possible for Shopify merchants to seamlessly manage business operations, sales, and inventory in one place.

March 1
Katana welcomes its first paying customers

Katana launches a monthly subscription option and welcomes its first paying customers.

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