December 8
The BigCommerce integration now includes stock sync

Keeping data matching between Katana and BigCommerce is even easier now that users can sync stock between both applications.

December 5
Update to the contract manufacturing workflow

Katana users can now assign batches to ingredients on outsourced purchase orders and customize recipe rows via API. Learn more about this update.

December 1
Define and customize user access within Katana

Katana’s new User Permissions feature allows Owner users to choose who has access to sensitive data — creating a more secure and efficient environment for employees.

November 29
Integrate Replyco with Katana and streamline customer support workflows

Using the Replyco integration, Katana users can centralize all the customer messages from different online stores into one inbox, automate tasks, and deliver exceptional customer support. Learn more.

November 8
Extendable queries are now available for API requests

The latest update to Katana’s API allows users to access extendable queries to obtain more information in fewer API requests while also enjoying a more seamless interaction with Katana through the custom API integrations. Learn more.

November 7
Integromat becomes Make – an even more powerful integration solution

Integrating your Katana account with Make allows you to automate workflows and integrate with thousands of apps without needing to write any code. Learn more.

October 31
Connect to hundreds of apps with Integrately

This new integration helps you to automate repetitive workflows and connect to various e-commerce platforms, cloud services, and other business apps with just only a few clicks. Learn more.

October 26
Introducing the new Katana e-commerce integration – BigCommerce

This latest integration let’s you sync your BigCommerce orders, products, and customers to Katana — giving users total visibility and control over their manufacturing. Learn more.

September 28
Inventory balance sync between QuickBooks Online and Katana

With this integration update, it’s now easier to keep inventory balance updated in QBO thanks to the push of purchase and sales data from Katana to inventory account. Read more.

September 22
Webhooks for products, materials, and variants

A new batch of webhooks is available now! Katana API users can now use webhooks to trigger real-time changes for the items. Read more about Katana webhooks.

September 13
Connect and sync Adobe Commerce (previously Magento) to Katana via CartRover

The new integration via CartRover allows users to import sales orders and sync inventory across both systems. Learn more about the integration.

September 12
Access sales analytics directly in Katana

Katana Insights makes it easier to manage data through visual dashboard reports that can be collaborated on.

September 5
Integrate PrestaShop with Katana via CartRover

With this integration, users can synchronize PrestaShop inventory levels and sales orders from their online store to Katana, reducing the need to simultaneously keep both systems updated. Learn more about the integration.

August 18
Webhooks for Manufacturing orders and Inventory

Katana users can now implement Manufacturing order and Inventory webhooks to build automations and real-time custom integrations. Read more.

August 16
A more transparent look into webhook use through Katana’s new webhook logs endpoint

The latest Katana update allows API users to request webhook logs and gain additional transparency into their development process. Read more.

August 9
Introducing workflows for contract manufacturing in Katana

Katana customers can now issue outsourced purchase orders and get the accurate material and stock data they need when working with suppliers. Learn more about contract manufacturing in Katana.

August 2
Introducing Inventory period closing with the latest Katana update

With Katana’s inventory period closing implementation, users gain a more accurate understanding of costs within Katana. Learn more about this update.

July 14
New integration for shipping automation – Outvio!

With Katana’s latest update, you can connect to Outvio to sync shipping orders between the two systems and automate your delivery fulfillment. Read more about this integration.

June 22
Integrate eBay with Katana through CartRover

Our recent update allows you to sync eBay stock levels and sales orders from your online store to Katana, reducing time spent checking and updating data between both systems. Learn more about the integration.

June 21
Build custom workflows with Katana webhooks for purchase orders

Katana users can implement webhooks for purchase orders to build instant custom integrations and automation. Read more.

June 15
Partially pack and deliver sales orders in Katana

With this feature users can now partially fulfill Sales Orders and better manage their sales process. Learn more about this update.

June 9
Introducing Katana’s first inventory forecasting integration – StockTrim

Integrate StockTrim with your Katana account and benefit from demand forecasting, inventory optimization, and purchase order planning. Learn more about this update.

June 7
Automate shipping processes with ShippyPro

Katana’s newest shipping integration allows you to automate your shipping management and decrease delivery times. Learn more about ShippyPro.

May 12
New integration with Amazon via CartRover

Katana’s recently created integration with Amazon Seller Central allows users to import sales orders and synchronize inventory directly with Katana more easily. Learn more.

May 4
Customize and print barcode labels in Katana

Katana users can now create, customize and print barcode labels directly from Katana. Read more about this update.

April 27
You can now access all your Katana data through API

This latest update lets Katana users create their own custom-made workflows and integrate them with other business apps. Learn more about this update.

March 24
Automate shipping order fulfillments with the seamless integration between Katana & ShipTheory.

Effortlessly connect your manufacturing processes with shipping and manage order fulfillment. ShipTheory can help save you hours of work every week. Read more.

March 16
New integration with Walmart Marketplace through CartRover

The new integration with Walmart Marketplace allows Katana users to import sales orders and synchronizes inventory to Katana via CartRover – without coding. Learn more.

March 14
Sync sales and stock data between Prospect CRM and Katana

This integration makes enriching customer CRM data with actual sales data simplistic and helps you to better understand the sales pipeline and upsell more efficiently. Read more.

March 10
Katana API now provides users with full access to manufacturing orders

Katana users now have full access to custom-made solutions for manufacturing orders, including MO recipes and operations. Find out more about the update.

February 21
Katana and Pipe17 integration

Katana customers can now automate order and inventory flows between various e-commerce, marketplace, and 3PL apps with Pipe17. Read more about Pipe17 and Katana.

February 16
Integrate Katana with Faire via CartRover

Katana users can now integrate with Faire and gain total control over order management via sales order importing and inventory synchronization. Learn more.

February 10
Katana’s Easy Insight integration receives a powerful update

Katana users can now gain better insights into their business by analyzing the Katana data through customizable dashboards and reports. Learn more.

February 7
Stocktake feature now available with support for barcode scanning

Katana users can now add stocktakes to their inventory control operations, making stock level management easier for all of the material and product stock they sell. Read more about this update.

January 31
Updated Integromat integration – now available to all users

Katana’s integration with Integromat has been updated and is available to all Katana users. Essential users will have access to automation and e-commerce platforms that were previously unavailable. Read more about the update.

January 20
Pro users can now design custom PDF templates inside Katana

With Katana’s new customizable PDF template feature you can personalize your sales orders and quotes to fit your company’s image by adding/removing data blocks and logos, adjusting the position of items, and much more. Learn more.

January 13
Automated shipping workflows with the new 2Ship integration

Katana users can now automate their shipping using the 2Ship integration and avoid ever spending too much on shipping again. 2Ship provides over 200 carriers to choose from and automates your shipping process. Read more.

January 10
Katana Product Roundup: 2021 highlights

2021 was a busy year for the Katana product team. Unveiling an open API, enabling automated data flows between the services you use most, introducing end-to-end traceability of your inventory, and more! Take a look back at some of the best releases of the year.

Katana API offers new functionality that provides full access to product recipes (BOMs)

This API update introduces create, update, pull and delete methods to the product recipes endpoint via Katana API, enabling new workflows for Katana users with custom or highly customizable products. Read more.

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