December 21
Update: 60% faster stock transferring between Shopify and Katana

Katana users can now enjoy improvements to their inventory synchronization with quicker, more reliable stock syncing between Shopify and Katana. This update overhauls previous Shopify API payload usage, drastically reducing inventory synchronization time. Learn more about this update.

eBay integration launch for automated sales order importing

Katana users can now automatically import sales orders (SOs) from eBay to their Katana account with Zapier. This integration gives manufacturers more control and visibility over sales order fulfillment and production in one unified platform. Learn more about Katana’s eBay integration.

December 8
Katana launches open API for custom integrations

Katana launches its open API, making it possible for Katana users to automate manufacturing workflows between tools outside our list of native integration. Manufacturers using Katana can now connect e-commerce and CRM systems to Katana for automatic sales order importing, bridging the gap between sales and manufacturing orders. Learn more about Katana’s open API.

Magento integration launch for automated sales order importing

Katana users can now import Magento sales orders (SOs) to Katana manually or automatically using Zapier. This integration works with Magento 1 and 2, integrating the e-commerce platform with Katana for total control over inventory and manufacturing in one unified platform. Learn more about Katana’s Magento integration.

November 16
BigCommerce integration launch for easy sales order importing

Katana’s integration with Zapier makes it possible to manually or automatically import sales orders (SOs) from BigCommerce into Katana. While our team has tested importing SOs from BigCommerce, Zapier makes it possible to test importing SOs from a range of other supported apps and platforms. Learn more about Katana’s BigCommerce integration.

Update: Sales import from Xero into Katana

Katana users can now choose exactly when to start manufacturing products with improved sales order (SO) management between Xero and Katana via Zapier. This update makes it easy to define workflows and configure when Xero sales appear in Katana, either by generating SOs from newly accepted quotes or recently paid invoices. Learn more about this update.

October 19
Katana is listed on Software Advice’s Top Manufacturing Software in 2020

Software Advice names Katana as a Gartner FrontRunners in a Top Manufacturing Software Report 2020 based on verified user reviews and ratings. Read more.

Zapier integration launch for total sales order (SO) centralization

Katana launches integration with Zapier, an online automation tool that allows Katana users to integrate all their e-commerce platforms and business apps to automate the flow of information between apps. Katana users can also import all sales orders into Katana with this new integration. Read more about Katana’s Zapier integration.

October 5
Update: Time tracking on Shop Floor App

Katana users can now evaluate shop-floor efficiency with a new time tracking feature in the Shop Floor App. This update allows Katana users to compare planned task execution times against actual completion time. This feature makes improving business planning and pricing decisions, evaluating performance, and tracking time simple. Learn more about this update.

Katana is listed on Capterra’s Top 20 Most Manufacturing Softwares in 2020

Katana named one of the most popular MRP and Manufacturing Software in 2020 based on verified ratings from Capterra users. Read more.

September 14
Update: Expected and missing ingredients on sales orders (SOs)

Katana makes it possible to add detailed information needed for manufacturing sales items, including expected and missing ingredients, on SO card views for maximum convenience. Learn more about this update.

Update: Changes to completed tasks

Katana users can now easily see completed operations under the Done task list in Katana to track completed production runs for any given period easily. Managers planning production can now see operation completion times and understand the status of completed tasks while also having a real-time overview of tasks in progress. Learn more about this update.

August 17
Update: End-to-end traceability with batch numbers

Katana users can now track batch numbers to monitor inventory movements across their supply chain efficiently. This update helps manufacturers protect their brand and trace defective items back to their batch for product recalls. Batch tracking also makes meeting the quality and safety requirements of relevant authorities simple with end-to-end traceability from raw materials to finished goods. Learn more about batch tracking.

August 3
Katana launches Shop Floor App

Katana’s Shop Floor App gives manufacturers floor-level capabilities and total control over production in an intuitive mobile app. The Shop Floor App makes it possible to allocate tasks to operators, and operators can update task progress in real-time for total shop floor control. Learn more about Katana’s Shop Floor App.

May 18
Update: View and export historical stock levels

Katana now makes it possible to check historical stock levels and export them to a spreadsheet for accounting. This update makes it easy to retrieve historical data for specified date ranges and ensure business finances are correct and up to date at all times.

May 11
Update: Generate new sales quotes

Katana adds new quotation functionality, allowing Katana users to manually create sales quotes separate from online sales orders (SO). Quotes for SOs make it easy to provide customers with current price offers and mark them as pending during negotiations. Katana won’t commit any items until the quote is accepted. Learn more about this update.

May 4
Update: Change shipping location for multiple sales orders at a time

Katana users can now set the shipping location for multiple sales orders (SO) in just a few clicks instead of individually changing the location of several orders. This eliminates the need to go through single SOs when a shipping location is incorrect or when it’s more convenient to ship from another location. Learn more about this update.

Update: Export stock adjustments in .csv

Katana users can now export stock adjustments to quickly calculate the total adjustment value, track stock adjustments for specific dates or the fiscal periods, and easily prepare stock adjustment data for bookkeeping. Learn more about this update.

April 27
Update: Bulk import, edit and delete operations

Previously, Katana users could only enter and edit operations in Katana manually. This update makes it possible to import new and export existing operations in bulk and delete operations in bulk. Learn more about this update.

April 20
Update: Improved performance to handle 20,000 SKUs

Katana boosts performance, making it possible to manage up to 20,000 unique stock-keeping units (SKUs). Katana users can add products and materials to their catalog without it affecting their account’s performance, getting total visibility and control over their inventory while maintaining high loading speeds.

Update: Bulk-select open manufacturing orders to update bill of materials (BOMs)

Katana users no longer need to edit open manufacturing orders (MOs) individually when updating a BOM (product recipe). Prior to this update, Katana users were unable to update their bill of materials for products in open MOs, meaning they would need to go through each MO and edit the BOMs individually. Learn more about this update.

Update: Add a default cost per hour to resources

Katana users can now add default costs to resources, making it easy to predefine default costs per hour. This new update will save time and reduce manual work for Katana users, helping them avoid costly errors and ensuring that default resource costs are always ready. Learn more about this update.

April 6
Update: Add process steps to specific variants

Katana users no longer need to create a new product when a variant demands an additional processing step. This update makes it easy to configure extra steps to specified product variants and manufacture custom orders with ease. Learn more about this update.

March 9
Update: Multiple sales location support for Shopify POS locations

To help Shopify merchants with multiple retail stores with POS inventory management, Katana launches multiple sales location support. With this update, Katana users can precisely map which Shopify POS location sync to which Katana location. Learn more about this update.

February 17
Katana is listed on Capterra’s Top 20 MRP list

Katana is included on Capterra’s Top 20 MRP list based on verified user ratings, positioning Katana as a leading software solution for manufacturers worldwide.

Update: Adding variants to existing products and materials via import

Katana users can add more variants to existing items by simply downloading a .xlsx template, adding the new variants, and then uploading the changes back to Katana. Learn more about this update.

February 3
Katana raises $3.9 million to help D2C manufacturers scale

Katana closes a $3.9 million seed funding round, including $2.2 million in new funds from 42CAP, a leading seed investor in European B2B software, and previous backers. It also includes converting a $1.7 million pre-seed convertible note from late 2018, financed by angel investors. Read more about this investment round.

Update: Opting out of importing pending orders from Shopify

Katana users can now choose whether they want to import open sales orders with a “Payment Pending” status from Shopify. When merchants connect their Shopify store to Katana, fulfillment statuses sync both ways, and all open sales orders are pulled into Katana. However, some businesses may require pre-payment from customers before committing any materials or products from stock. In that case, Katana users can opt out of importing. Learn more about this update.

January 13
Update: Saving filters and sorting states

Katana now remembers the filters and sorting states last used on a particular screen. Katana users can now continue working from where they left off — no need to start sorting orders again even after logging out of a computer. Learn more about this update.

Update: Printing multiple manufacturing orders and consolidated picklists

Katana users can now print multiple manufacturing orders (MOs) in one go. Once completed, work orders can easily be sent to different team members to start production as soon as possible. Katana users can also group selected MOs into one consolidated pick list, making it easy to view all ingredients needed to complete orders. Learn more about this update.

Xero integration launch and Xero App Store listing

Katana launches an integration with Xero and is listed in their App Store, allowing Katana users to easily create invoices and bills and automatically sync data between Katana and Xero. Learn more about Katana’s Xero integration.

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