December 1
Katana goes from prototype to live product

The very first prototype is launched to the market as a free product. Features and services include order fulfillment, manufacturing planning, live inventory tracking, purchasing control, contact management, and self-onboarding support.

May 1
The first lines of code are written

Katana assembles its first team of six to start building an early prototype, and the first line of code is written.

April 1
Katana raises $700,000 in funding to start

Katana’s team reaches out to angel investors who believe in the idea of bringing manufacturing ERP software into the digital age. In total, $700,000 in funding is successfully raised based on a vision and plan outlined in a 10-slide pitch deck.

January 1
The idea to build Katana is born

Katana’s founders decide to create a manufacturing ERP system manufacturers would actually love using to run their workshops and factories.

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