A Guide to Manufacturing Accounting

Learn specialized aspects of manufacturing accounting and best practices with this ebook, where you'll see the importance of financial management to make better decisions for your business and clients.

Everything you need for product valuation

Get the tools and formulas you need for effective cost management to optimize financial performance, enhance decision-making processes, and safeguard your business against potential risks.

Choosing the right inventory accounting method

Picking the correct method is an important decision with lasting implications, and using the wrong one affects your reported profits, tax liabilities, and financial statements. Compiled within this ebook are the key elements you need to consider when determining the best method for your accounting.

Learn all about the key factors a you should focus on when choosing an inventory accounting method

Best practices for manufacturing accounting

Manufacturing accounting is a complex process that requires specialized knowledge and skills. Accounting for manufacturers in practice involves understanding the different costing methods and choosing the best approach to determine the costs associated with producing a product or providing a service.

Learn all about the six different costing methods you can adopt into your accounting

Understanding and using product costing formulas

Knowing the cost of your products is crucial, not only for maintaining your financial records but also for ensuring profitability. In this ebook you can access crucial formulas for calculating your costs and see them in action with examples to give you even more clarity.

Learn how to apply different formulas such as cost of goods sold and cost of goods manufactured

Manufacturing accounting software for your business

Accounting software provides a clear and accurate picture of your company’s financial health by tracking the flow of funds, reconciling bank accounts, and maintaining accurate sales, expenses, and tax records. Unlock your full potential with the right tech stack.

Learn about the different software and how to automate your entire workflow

Manage your products in real time with Katana Cloud Inventory

Know exactly where your products are with intuitive cloud inventory software that aligns supply and demand. Katana helps you stay lean and efficient — goodbye stockouts and overstock.

Keep stock at optimal levels at all times with the right data

Access the inventory data you need to make informed decisions when purchasing to prevent stockouts and overstock. Katana helps you track inventory levels across multiple locations and monitor arrival times for efficient order fulfillment.

Learn more about Katana
Issue purchase orders from Katana and track delay risks

Make informed purchasing decisions based on precise material requirements and reorder points. Issue purchase orders directly from Katana and track delay risks to meet customer demand.

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Centralize and monitor data from every sales channel in one place

The future of sales is flexible, diverse, and multichannel. Katana gives you total visibility by centralizing order fulfillment operations from all your sales channels in one intuitive overview. Manage sales orders from multiple e-commerce stores or physical locations in one place.

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Manage operations from scheduling to resource allocation

Create bills of materials to optimize production scheduling, resource allocation, and manufacturing costs. Katana helps you maintain the right inventory levels for raw materials and finished products while tracking labor costs and productivity in the Shop Floor App.

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Learn more about Katana

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