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Start managing production, procurement, and costing with bill of material software

Inventory management and production is the backbone of any successful manufacturing business. Forward-thinking manufacturers use bill of materials software for real-time master production planning, production scheduling, and raw materials management.

Manage your entire business with bill of materials software

Manufacturers are taking control of their entire business, implementing B2B and D2C selling strategies. But, to achieve this, many businesses adopt software to help them manage the different aspects of their business, using tools for managing raw materials, production, multi-channel selling, and much more. Katana BOM software helps users centralize their business to one easy-to-use platform, saving manufacturers time and money in the long run.

Real-time master planning with bill of materials software

Spreadsheets are static, but that doesn’t mean the same for your inventory. Managing inventory with spreadsheets is time-consuming and prone to errors which can topple a manufacturing company.

Katana BOM software is for small manufacturers or large factories who need to track production progress, design and engineering changes, and raw materials usage. It does this by giving users live insights to optimize resources and schedule production to meet deadlines. Available raw materials and products are also automatically allocated to fulfill orders and prioritize your schedule to assist you in meeting deadlines effortlessly.

  • production planning software, scheduling, and resource planning in one place
  • Gain real-time visibility to optimize all your key resources
  • Make accurate manufacturing, lead times, and purchasing decisions with live data
  • Ensure optimal inventory levels at all times
  • Prioritize production based on raw materials availability
  • Get task-level floor control for effective job shops management
  • Automate manufacturing cost calculations based on your bill of materials and production

Ensure accuracy with costing features built for precision

To make the right decisions at the right time, you need a live overview of your materials and production to make accurate costing.

Bill of materials BOM allows you to track progress with sales and production orders in real-time, updating your raw materials and resources cost to make pricing decisions easier. BOM software keeps your costing error-free when it comes to your financial data.

  • Track manufacturing costs based on your bill of materials and production operations
  • Create multi-level BOMs with subassemblies for accurate costing
  • Make precise pricing decisions based on your product margins
  • Track your cost of goods sold (COGS)
  • Set the initial cost for stock imported from your e-commerce platforms in Katana

Materials BOM software equipped with powerful live inventory management features

Materials BOM software like Katana gives users the tools to track different manufacturing inventory types and implement end-to-end traceability into their business.

Manufacturers can pursue different manufacturing processes, such as making bespoke products or tracking batches of items with expiry dates. This level of flexibility allows you to keep a close eye on items moving along your supply chain, all the way to the customer.

  • Get total inventory control for finished products and raw materials and improve product lifecycle management
  • Automate inventory transactions and set reorder points to prevent stockouts
  • Track on-hand, committed, and expected stock amounts in real time
  • Manage product variants and materials in one place
  • Autogenerate batch and internal barcodes
  • Quickly locate items across multiple warehouses, giving all teams access to the same live data
  • Trace faulty batches, materials, and products for effective quality management and product recalls — great for manufacturers making medical devices or handling perishable goods.

Integrate your favorite tools
with Katana software bill of materials

Create your own integrations or workflows between Katana BOM software and third-party software via API

Katana’s bill of materials software is built to fit the software you need. Here you can browse Katana’s continuously expanding list of integrations to learn more.

Can’t find an integration built into the native bill of materials software? Make your own from scratch to streamline your key manufacturing operations, creating a smooth workflow between your production, sales, accounting, and customer service.

Katana’s bill of materials (BOM) is a tremendous help. Integrations with Shopify and Xero also play a big role in business management, and we can now manage both B2B and B2C orders with greater ease.”

Nadia Hussain
Supply Chain Manager at Raw Coffee Company

That was one thing that was very difficult to manage was raw material inventory — for example, how many black t-shirts do I need to order? That was the main reason why we selected Katana.”

Lisa Diep 
Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Peace Collective

Before Katana and Naturewall I’ve used Sage, SAP, and in-house Excel programs in previous positions. Here they used Linnworks, but we couldn’t get it to meet the business production requirements, which is why Katana was brought in.”

Stephen Newlove 
Procurement and Logistics Manager at NatureWall

I think that Katana had a much lower barrier to entry. It was still some work to get up and running, but I was able to gradually build my processes into Katana’s system over several months.”

Richie Duncan 
Founder of KODAMA

Bill of materials software FAQs

BOM is an acronym that stands for bill of materials. BOM is used to keep track of the materials needed to make a product or multiple products. BOM can be broken down into sub-categories, such as BCT (bill of component types) and TOC (table of contents). BCT and BOM deal with the materials needed to make a product, while TOC deals with how far along in making the product you are. Materials engineering bill software is used for many purposes, such as ordering supplies or just to keep track of what parts were used in the creation process.

Bill of materials software is very different from manufacturing software. While bill of materials BOM refers to a bill that lists all individual items and quantities needed for a project, bill of material management is a term used in various manufacturing and MRO industries.
Manufacturing software is different from bill of materials (BOM) and bill of material management. Manufacturing software is designed for use in production lines to improve the manufacturing process, to make it more efficient and accurate, and reduce waste. However, BOM features will often be built into the manufacturing software too.

For manufacturers, bill of materials is a helpful tool for managing product development and manufacturing processes from design to delivery. It tracks the cost of components and materials used to build a product, allows the bill of materials data to be stored for future reference, and provides an itemized list of all the components that make up a finished product structure. Other benefits of bill of materials are then used to track the performance of supplier and subcontractor suppliers.
In addition, bill of materials can indicate which materials BOM takes the longest to produce, and in turn, may indicate bottlenecks in the manufacturing process. This bill is also used for tracking inventory management, particularly in the bill of materials usage report, and gives managers the tools to improve floor control.

BOM integration is the collection and analysis of data from manufacturing processes. Software bill of materials and BOM integration is used primarily in manufacturing to help companies stay organized and efficient. BOM integration allows a company to keep track of all the parts that go into a finished product and to see where any bottlenecks or issues might arise. A BOM integration uses bill of materials to track the required parts of a product or devices that need to be created. It is then used in manufacturing, warehousing, and order fulfillment for inventory tracking.

Bill of materials software allows manufacturers to manage their business. BOM (bill of materials) and BOM software (material BOM or BOM management) allows users to create a catalog with all raw material costs for the product they are selling. BOM automatically matches part numbers between an existing product catalog and purchase order information. This ensures BOMs are accurate and BOM software provides a standard BOM format. BOM management is important for businesses because it helps decrease labor costs, increase accuracy in materials purchasing, and improve customer service by answering questions about the BOM quickly.

Materials management is a vital part of a business to ensure the smooth flow of finished products. BOM (Bill of Materials) software for ERP (enterprise resource planning) system helps you organize these materials and make the process automatic by keeping track of each material component, supplier, and logistics network. BOMs help keep your inventory updated with precise quantities and reduce errors while ordering components. BOMs are used in all types of businesses to track materials that produce a finished product. BOM helps your business grow by ensuring a smooth flow of materials, reducing wastage, inventory costs, and improving production efficiency. BOM for SAP is one of the best BOM software on the market.

The four main items that have to be included in a BOM are the part number, part name, quantity, and unit of measurement, but BOMs can also consist of other information.

Here is a further explanation of the four main items that have to be included in a BOM:

  • Item Name – the name of the product part
  • Quantity – how many are being used
  • Unit of Measure – the unit in which “Quantity” will be measured
  • Part Number – where you can get these parts (from a manufacturer or BOM software)

Other BOM information that can be included in BOMs are:

  • Component Description – the explanation of what the BOM part is

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