Best Shopify Themes for Modern Manufacturers 2019

Finding the right Shopify theme is tough. We’ve trawled through all the free and premium templates on offer to find the best fits for modern manufacturers.

Here we delve deep into the best Shopify themes that are on offer this year.
Published: 05.02.2019

Want to set up a stunning e-commerce store that boosts your brand and brings you sales?

Look no further.

Shopify is a brilliant platform for modern manufacturers looking to sell their special products.

You can easily set up a functioning online store, whilst also designing it to make that all-important personal connection with your customers.

In this article we go through the best Shopify themes that not only look great, but also convert visits to cold, hard cash.

We’ve trawled through all the free and premium Shopify templates on offer, to find those that hit the main grades.

All our chosen themes push these pressure points:

  1. Modern – look as great as they run, with the potential to be visually relevant for a long time;
  2. Great for sales – making it easy for people to find your products and make their purchases;
  3. Highly responsive – optimized for mobile plus all kinds of browsers and resolutions;
  4. Customizable – give plenty of options to make modifications to suit your needs;
  5. Quality customer support – you have the back up if something comes up that you can’t handle.

But remember, although we’ve chosen the crème de la crème, there are still differences which make these themes unique.

Each of the them have features which have been tailored to certain kinds of stores with certain aims in mind.

That’s what make them so special.

But it also means you should consider them carefully, because as they say, the devil’s always in the details.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s get stuck in!

Best Free Shopify Themes

1. Minimal

Here’s one of the best Shopify themes for you, Minimal. It’s simple and keeps your customers comfy, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Searching for a clear, clean and effective design?

You just found it.

Minimal offers a template which is meant for showing your products off right from the get-go. 

The slideshow option is a great place to introduce your featured products, and any special offers you have going on.

Beneath it you can use the product image zoom feature to highlight the details in your products. It’s especially useful if you are selling items with intricate designs, so the viewer can get a closer look.

The standout option here though is for allowing related products to appear at the bottom of their screen. It’s a perfect opportunity to prioritize sales for a product. 

Only downside is that the design is clearly product tailored. If your brands story is more important then you might find it difficult to fit your story in when the viewer lands on your page.

2. Supply 

Supply is one of the best converting shopify themes for those of you with large selections of products.

There’s nothing wrong with selling a small set of products.

But if you’re one of those businesses with a stockroom of endless SKUs, then Supply is a solid choice for you.

It’s literally built for a large catalogue of products, offering a collection filtering option in the sidebar to allow customers to easily navigate your selections.

The design is reminiscent of sites like eBay or Walmart which immediately want you to feel the scale of products on offer, without getting overwhelmed.

There are two styles to choose from as well, with the “Light” version offering a slightly more elegant palette.

So, if you have a wide range of products to offer and not sure how to make them visible then this is one to consider.

Otherwise, it might be a bit overkill.

3. Narrative  

Narrative might not be one of the best shopify premium themes, but that’s only because it’s one of the best free ones.

If Supply is for those of you with an extensive catalogue, then Narrative is for the opposite – it’s for stores with a few special products. 

That’s why there is a space at the top for an auto play video so that you can get your unique story across straight away.

The wide screen layout is immersive, and has a fixed menu at the top so your customer can feel comfortable moving around the store.

It’s a theme built for visual storytelling with options to modify image blocks and quote slides.

Which is perfect for personalising your store, getting closer to your customers and letting them know of your roots.

Some users have reported that the hero images don’t always transfer well from desktop to mobile though, so you might have to spend some time fiddling to get it right.

Check our post on Trends and Predictions for Small Manufacturers 2019 to find out more about the importance of personalization.

Best Shopify Premium Themes

4. Startup ($180)

Startup is one of those shopify templates it’s hard to forget. So stylish it’ll haunt you in your dreams.

Just made your hobby into a business?

Startup, as you might expect, has been designed for new set ups with a small portfolio of products. Especially if you sell specialty make to order products which modern customers are leaning more towards.

That’s why it has great features for you to build your brand on.

We’re talking homepage videos, customer testimonials and an Instagram feed at the ready.

It’s the perfect way to start reaching out to your customers as much as they reach out to you.

5. Blockshop ($140) 

Block has everything - an all time favorite really. It’s just not one of the free shopify themes is all.

There’s reason that Blockshop is considered one of the best converting Shopify themes.

It’s built on a flat visual grid style that is well complimented by an easy to understand UI.

A deadly combination that keeps customers interested with the visuals, whilst also giving them the room to browse your store.

There’s lots of empty space to work with too, so if you want to do some on-site SEO or just add extra info then it’s easy to do. The potential for boosting traffic here is huge. 

Not to mention the customer support is highly commended by the community. That might not seem like a big deal, until you come across a hitch and need that expert knowledge.

Just make sure you have some solid images to back this theme up, otherwise your store could end up feeling a little empty.

6. Universe ($180)

universe shopify theme

Responsive layout, elegant design, fast performance and amazing user experience make the Universe theme an ideal option for increasing the conversion rate of your Shopify store. 

This is a multi-purpose theme that has everything you need to launch a responsive and aesthetically pleasing online store in minutes.

It’s a highly customizable, complete solution which works out-of-the-box. The theme comes in 2 styles (Earth and Mars) and includes a large number of Shopify sections that can be used on the homepage and on the custom pages as well.

Plus there’s tons of advanced control for your store’s layout. In fact, Universe theme was specifically designed to work perfectly on every screen size, so that you can satisfy your customers that like to shop on mobile devices.

Plenty to get excited about here.

7. Boost ($180) 

Boost is optimized as one of the most sales orientated premium shopify themes. Get on it.

Promotions. Discounts. Offers.

All great ways to increase your sales and the amount of time customers spend on your site.

Boost is one of the top premium Shopify themes for any business that relies on promotions as a key marketing tool. It’s perfect if you deal with seasonal goods such as clothing or sports.

But there’s a lot more to this theme than that.

Options to add color swatches, highlight promoted product and for customers to quick buy are all present.

The aim here is to keep customers engaged on your website while making it easy for them to buy multiple products.

It’s a theme that’s been expertly designed to boost your online sales.

Running out of promotional ideas in those crucial busy times?

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8. Flow ($140)

Flow is one of the best Shopify themes for getting your customer around the shopping floor. It’s like they’re gliding on ice.

This theme runs as smooth as the name suggests.

Flow is docked as one of the most responsive themes that works well no matter where your customer is viewing from. It probably comes from the fact that the theme was developed app first – quite forward thinking really.

An overall great package, there are plenty of options for customization. But even better is the fact that it comes with 4 pre-set styles, so no matter what you sell, there’s always a great starting point for you.

Brilliantly too, it allows for mailing lists pop ups with built in cookies. That means that your customers will be prompted to join your mailing list but won’t be bombarded every time they visit.

And considering that email marketing has been shown to retain up to 80% of customers, this is one feature not easily overlooked.  

9. Kagami ($180) 

Kagami is one of the absolute top shopify themes for the future. Seriously packed with the goods to keep you busy for a long time.

Kagami is a theme of the future.

Not only is it well designed for stores of any size, but also has the features to support steady growth. 

That’s because it has two well designed menu options which allow you to add further information as you need it.

Including an awesome FAQ page which works especially well if you want to highlight a complex product, or even if you just want to talk about the origins or ethics of your business.

A great long-term option.

Plus, the seamless Instagram integration is going to allow you to get closer to your customer base. Especially important for any maker or manufacturer looking to get ahead this year, as 60% of customers discover new products on the platform.

10. District ($160)

District is one of the best shopify templates for those of you with collections. Well organized in that respect.

Work with collections?

District is one of the most popular Shopify themes that has been designed for stores with groups of products.

That’s mainly down to its image gallery, slideshow options and frequent updates.

And as a maker it’s important to define your collections early on, so that your loyal customers can navigate your offers easily.  

The design is known for fast page loading to support all the browsing your customers will be doing on your store.

There’s also a feature for promotional pop-ups to entice your customers. Plus, no-one will be bothered by them just because of the great usability of your web store.

It’s a conversion ready theme.

11. Canopy 

Canopy is one of the most popular shopify themes if you have lots of different products to sell.

Another one of the top Shopify themes from the guys that brought Boost.

Especially if you offer a large selection of products, rather than singular high value products.

The reason for that is that the gallery on the homepage can host up to a whopping 20 images.

The true value though comes in its sleek quick buy option. It’s easy to browse the store and add products to your cart as you along, totally seamlessly.

Chances are that Canopy is going to increase multiple items sales for you.

And considering that 25% of customers abandon shopping carts due to complicated website navigation, this is a feature not to be overlooked.

12. Focal ($170) 

Unlike the Shopify Retina theme, this one has an infinite scrolling option which is ideal if you got a long shopping list of products ready for your customers.

We know that as makers you want to create as much intimacy with your customers as you can.

And if you’re established enough to have a large selection of products on offer then Focal might be the theme for you.

There’s an infinite scrolling option so that users can trawl through your products like there’s no tomorrow.

Plus, you can add product sizes and color swatches to each of your product pages. Perfect for food, clothing and accessories but also works great if you create selections from a particular material: like wood crafting or leather making.

There’s a multi-column menu option too, which you can tailor to your business.

Organisation certainly won’t be an issue here.

13. Retina ($180) 

This is a theme which just adds value to the Shopify repertoire thats on offer. Brilliant for the small manufacturer.

The Shopify Retina theme is a forward-thinking design which is perfect as a long-term option for any maker or scaling manufacturer.

The theme offers an Instagram feed plus an advanced blog feature which allows comments and social media sharing. It’s a great way to start building your brand and upping your virtual visibility. 

Not to mention that you can really engage your customers with home and product page videos, as well as a full-width home page video. That’s a lot of visual opportunity to make a connection.

There’s good reason it won “Winner of the Shopify Ecommerce Design Award”

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14. Impulse ($180) 

Katana MRP is a great little addition to make the most of your Shopify templates.

Impulse is one of the best Shopify templates that has been tailored for sales conversions.

In fact, the designers studied Fortune 500 companies designs to see which ones have worked best for them, and then tailored that to smaller sellers. 

That’s where you get all the layered menu, sub-collection and sidebar filter options from.

But the boosting of sales really comes from the brilliant features for promotions. 

The custom promotion tiles for example are great for selling your featured products without having to compromise the rest of your store’s products.

And with the theme being optimized for readability, you know that your customers won’t be getting tired of browsing your store any time soon.

Make the Most of Shopify Templates

So, you found the theme that’s right for you.

The one that’s going to reap the most rewards and conversions on your web store.

Using one of the best Shopify themes might bring you success, but you need to make sure you have the tools to handle it too. It’s too easy to lose track of stock once your orders start rolling in.

Katana integrates with your Shopify store to make sure your stockroom can keep up.

It is a Smart Manufacturing Software which gives you a constantly updated inventory and manages your raw materials as well as your final products.

That means from inventory to production to sales, you can take control of your e-commerce from a single dashboard.

With Katana you can manage your entire order fulfillment from one place. That means that the sales which come in from choosing the best Shopify themes go directly into the system to join the rest of your orders.

With Katana you can manage your entire order fulfillment from one place. That means that the sales which come in from choosing the best Shopify themes go directly into the system to join the rest of your orders.

The color-coded chart has been designed for the maker’s eye to understand.

It’s easy to use, and easy to follow.

No more worrying about getting your deliveries out on time or keeping up with a web of spreadsheets.

Your customers can be stunned by a brilliant web store, get their orders on time while you keep track of it all with total peace of mind.

Get the visibility you need to move products and make decisions
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