9 great tools to manage your Shopify barcode inventory

For Shopify barcode scanning, you’ll need to download their dedicated app or a 3rd party tool. But, how does it work, and what’s the best for manufacturers.

For Shopify barcode scanning, you’ll need to download their dedicated app or a 3rd party tool. But, how does it work, and what’s the best for manufacturers.
Published: 06.07.2021

Shopify is great — it comes with the tools you need to sell online and quickly integrates with many other services, giving you the flexibility you need to grow your business.

But as more and more orders come in, relying on just counting inventory by hand starts to expose cracks in this inventory checking method:

  • Stock levels become inconsistent
  • Incorrect information is saved
  • Items become lost

This is why e-commerce manufacturers turn to Shopify barcode scanning to manage sales and manufacturing orders as well as inventory. In this article, we explore Shopify barcodes, why you need them, how to use Shopify’s barcode scanning app, and more.

Shopify barcode generator allows you to create and print barcodes for your business.

Why manufacturers will need a barcode app for their Shopify inventory

While Shopify comes with an inventory management system perfect for merchants, it lacks the necessary features for manufacturers.  If you decide to upgrade your stock-taking capabilities with a Shopify barcode scanner, you’ll need to consider these limitations. 

But once you do adopt a barcode scanner into your workflow, you will see benefits like:  

  • A reduction in the number of human errors made
  • Data readily available and updated in real-time
  • Optimized inventory control and handling
  • Low-cost implementation
  • Improved decision-making

However, third-party Shopify barcode scanners have different functions to help you perform certain tasks, monitor stock, and track items based on barcodes.

But, the trick is finding the best one for manufacturers selling on Shopify. But before we look into that, let’s quickly explain how the free Shopify barcode version works.

Shopify barcode inventory will help you get more control over your business.

Activate Shopify barcode scanning in 4 steps

Shopify has developed dedicated apps to achieve barcode scanning. However, it’s not preinstalled within the native Shopify account and has to be downloaded from their app store.

We’ll talk more about the actual app later, but within the app store, you can search for and find an app called Retail Barcode Labels and set it up after downloading by:

Step 1

Within your Shopify account, go to Apps.

Step 2

Select Create template to create templates for your items. Select Get started and selecting one of the two options:

  • Skip – Which will skip creating barcodes and head straight to template
  • Create barcodes – which will allow you to create barcodes for your products

Step 3

Let’s assume you’ve chosen Create barcodes. You can now:

  • Write the template title
  • Select a label type
  • Choose a paper brand and code

Step 4

Under the Label attributes section, you can begin to include the information you want displayed by the barcode. Once you’re finished, go ahead and create a template.

You can do this for groups of products or specific products. However, the Retail Barcode Label app is built for merchants and not those who need to track raw materials, WIP inventory, MRO inventory, and finished goods.

So, let’s look into the different apps that are available on the market.

Katana + Shopify — harmonize your sales and manufacturing

Easily implement barcode scanning into your sales and manufacturing orders for improved inventory control and scalability.
Barcode Shopify is achievable with the implementation of a 3rd party app.

Why manufacturers use Katana to manage their Shopify barcodes

As we’ve already mentioned, as a manufacturer looking for an app for Shopify barcode scanning, you’re going to need to find a tool that can smoothly integrate with your selling and manufacturing operations for a seamless workflow between your different processes.

Shopify barcode will allow you to scan and track items across your business.

Manage your Shopify barcode inventory with Katana

Unlike the other apps listed below, Katana’s barcode inventory management platform gives manufacturers the live insights they need to optimize and manage their inventory, including products and materials, sales and manufacturing orders, and shop floor operations.

However, Katana also comes equipped with barcode scanning for Shopify users, which allows them to:

  • Scan, receive items, and simply stocktaking
    Using a barcode scanner or smart device, you can improve how you receive and count items from suppliers by avoiding accidentally inputted figures.
  • Scan multiple types of barcodes
    This includes your supplier item codes, any internally registered barcodes, and your batch barcodes.
  • Improve pick lists
    Allows you to improve accuracy and item handling within your business.
  • Export and print barcodes
    Printing barcodes will allow you to make your physical machine-readable items.
  • Track and monitor batches and items
    Shopify barcode inventory allows you to use batch tracking with a unified barcode inventory system
  • Autogenerate barcodes
    Automatically generate Shopify barcodes within Katana for your items and batches using internal barcodes to track them on and beyond your shop floor
  • Quickly and easily locate items
    This will help you find items across your business, from the shop floor to one of your warehouses, in real-time using accurately stored data.

Best of all, Katana integrates with your Shopify account. You can also take advantage of introducing Shopify barcodes to your business. You can also create a bridge between your sales and manufacturing to get total control over your different inventory types from one easy-to-understand dashboard.

PRO TIP: Here’s the secret formula for D2C manufacturers:

Shopify + Katana + Accounting tool = Success

Get your Shopify barcodes sorted and the rest of your business fully integrated for a smooth workflow with Katana.

Shopify barcodes will allow manufacturers to improve how they track their inventory across their business.

Other apps for Shopify barcode scanning

Suppose you’re just looking for basic barcode features to help keep your business moving before upgrading your Shopify barcode systems for manufacturers. In that case, you can get started with the following apps listed below:

1. StockSavvy

StockSavvy Barcode Scanning by Savvison LLC provides Shopify users the tools to manage their Shopify barcode inventory, giving Shopify D2C manufacturers the opportunity to:

  • Perform cycle counts to check inventory levels
  • Receive products
  • Update stock levels

Not only that, Stocksavvy comes equipped with tools for importing CSV lists of barcodes or exporting them, assuming your scanner has memory built-in, giving you flexibility when managing your Shopify barcodes to make better business decisions.

2. Retail Barcode Labels

Retail Barcode Labels has been developed by Shopify, allowing users to generate and print Shopify barcode labels for their items.

With the Retail Barcode Labels app, you’ll be able to make label templates to pair with your different item types. This feature allows you to create your templates and print labels with popular paper types.

3. Multi-Label Barcodes

Multi-Label Barcodes by The Resistance Marketing allows you to print Shopify barcode labels for your items with almost all Inkjet or Laser printers.

Multi-Lebel Barcodes gives you the tools to customize your:

  • Logo
  • Fonts
  • QR code on a product page
  • Most product and variant fields on Shopify

This allows you to show discounts, manage your brand, and automate workflows concurrently.

4. Barcode Generator

Barcode Generator, another tool developed by Shopify, allows you to easily create and print your custom barcode Shopify labels.

The best part, unlike the others, there’s no need to download any software or tools onto your desktop or smart device. To generate barcodes, simply enter your email address, the information you want to appear on the barcode, and select “Submit.”

5. Wholesale/Retail Catalog Maker

Wholesale/Retail Catalog Maker by Now In Store Inc. Allows you to create catalogs for your Shopify store and create and print barcode Shopify labels for your business management.

Not only does this support Shopify users, but it can also integrate with other e-commerce platforms too.

6. SKU Print

SKU Print by Pikes Peak Digital Marketing lets you control how you set up and use your custom Shopify barcode inventory.

Create custom layouts and include whatever product information you need, including:

  • Title
  • Vendor
  • Variants
  • Price
  • SKU
  • Barcodes
  • Image or logo

7. GroovePacker Lite App

GroovePacker Lite by Groove Industries helps you easily and correctly handle your shipments, assisting you with keeping on top of your inventory movements, scaling your business, and reducing your waste.

GroovePacker Lite has been built to cater to small and medium-sized businesses looking for software to help them manage their order processing. It provides users a quick setup for users who need Shopify barcode inventory as soon as possible.

8. Power Tools

Power Tools by TT-MOKIT supports Shopify merchants during their day-to-day inventory tasks. Power Tools allows you and your employees to easily monitor Shopify barcode inventory changes, all from an Android or IOS phone.

9. SKU Labs

SKU Labs by SKU Labs allows you to control your multichannel inventory management and shipping by giving you the tools to implement barcode Shopify management.

SKU Labs helps users achieve this by improving:

  • Inventory management
  • Barcode scanning and picking
  • Real-time shipping labels
Barcode Shopify can be activated by either downloading the app they’ve developed or with a third-party app. 

Get total visibility over your Shopify inventory with Katana

The tools listed above perform different functions when it comes to getting you set up with Shopify barcode scanning. These include:

  • A Shopify barcode generator
  • Stocktaking and tracking functionalities
  • Many more features

That’s why it’s important as a manufacturer to find a tool that can help you not only introduce Shopify barcode scanning to your workflow but also give you the tools to:

  • Automatically track finished goods and raw material availability
  • Add bill of materials including product variants
  • Plan and automatically schedule production
  • Handle multichannel sales
  • Improve manufacturing floor-level control
  • Automatically track manufacturing cost calculations

Ready to upgrade your Shopify inventory management? Get Shopify barcode scanning and more features to optimize your workflows and sign up for a free 14-day Katana trial.

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