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You can now purchase and sell in multiple currencies in Katana

Introducing full multicurrency support in Katana! Automatically convert purchase prices to your base currency to easily track your inventory value.

May 5, 2022
2 min read
Riikka Soderlund

Riikka Soderlund


Say hello to full multicurrency support! After introducing multicurrency support for sales orders, our team is excited to announce more great news for manufacturers selling and purchasing internationally.

Katana now automatically converts currencies when buying and receiving stock, making it easier than ever to keep track of your inventory value in your currency of choice. With the multicurrency support for purchase orders, you can:

  • Make purchases in the currency your suppliers use
  • Set default purchase prices based on the currency your suppliers prefer
  • Generate purchase orders with the exchange rate automatically converted by Katana over API

Easily track sales and purchase order values in multiple currencies

In case you missed our previous update, Katana now supports multicurrency from purchasing to sales orders, allowing you to:

  • Sell in the currency your customers prefer
  • Purchase in the currency your suppliers use
  • Automate currency conversions based on daily rates thanks to Katana’s API setup with OXR
  • Get multicurrency support for your Shopify and WooCommerce stores
  • Get multicurrency support for your Quickbooks Online or Xero accounting
  • Access multicurrency features with Katana API

Want to learn more? Read our Knowledge Base guide to access all the information you need to get started.

Screenshot of Katana Buy screen

What’s coming up next?

We love sharing feature updates that help you run your business. Here’s what we’re working on now and plan on delivering over the coming months:

  • Barcode scanning with smart devices
  • Shop floor material consumption tracking with barcodes
  • Shipping and billing addresses for your customers and sales orders
  • Custom sales order printout PDFs

Until then, happy purchasing!

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