10 Best Shopify Stores to Inspire Small Manufacturers

Here’s our list of the best Shopify stores of 2019. Perfect inspiration for growing manufacturers looking to set up or improve their Shopify store.

Changing spending habits mean more people are shopping online. So, why not figure out where customers are shopping with our list of the best Shopify stores.
Published: 15.02.2019

Changing spending habits mean more people are shopping online. So, why not figure out where customers are shopping with our list of the best Shopify stores.

With so many stores offering so many different products, just where are you supposed to start looking to know what’s out there?

Well, look no further, we’ve compiled a list of the best Shopify stores in 2019 (well, possibly ever), to inspire small manufacturers.

Be you someone who is looking to get inspired, looking for ideas on how to set up your own Shopify store, how to manage your Shopify inventory, or someone who is just looking to lighten their pocket with a unique product. This list will be sure to satisfy your needs.

The stores we have chosen come in various sizes, but all are successful Shopify stores and have earned a place on this best Shopify stores list for different reasons.

Though it should be said, they’re listed in no discernible order. If this was a top ten list, they would all be number one!

Let’s get to it!  Here are the top 10 best Shopify stores chosen by Katana:

1. The Critical Slide Society

The Critical Slide Society (TCSS) is a business (well, could even argue that it’s a movement) celebrating surf culture, founded in 2009 in Australia.

TCSS is a collection of artists and surfers who wanted to move away from the competitive nature found among surfers.

They wanted to capture the joy and the sense of community, by people united together by their love of surfing.


TCSS sells its own manufactured apparel goods via Shopify and through retailers across the globe. However, they do also sell wetsuits, wax, and modifications for surfboards such as fins.


best Shopify stores for surfer culture.

Their prices range anywhere from $5.50 to $209.99 (Australian dollar).


Their brand is totally, radically, tubular dude… Sorry.


the most successful Shopify stores have an active community.

Ancient American surfer dialect aside, their company image is one that is a part of the community.

They’re completely transparent about who they are and have countless marketing videos about their laid-back approach to how the company is perceived and life in general for that matter.

Informal, relaxed, and are constantly in touch with the public as they team-up with other companies to run events around Australia.

They exist in a niche market of surfer lovers, but how they’ve created an international community comprised of creatives and surfers is only to be commended.

2. Brilliant Bicycles

Brilliant Bicycles is a company that designs and manufactures personalized bikes with a simplistic aesthetic.

You can choose bikes from their catalog and personalize an order to get the one that you want. Hell, if you’re struggling to pick out a bike, you can complete a couple of questions and they’ll suggest the perfect bike to meet your requirements.


successful Shopify stores put the customer in control.



Brilliant Bicycles eliminates the hassle of dealing with middle-men. If you order one of their products, it comes straight from the manufacturing floor to your front door.




Brilliant Bicycles sell personalized bikes, but they also have a paraphernalia of biking products which are essential for anyone who often uses a bike for transport.


Their prices range from $6.00 to $650.00 for one of the newer bikes.





the best Shopify stores give their customers freedom.


They take a simplistic approach to presentation, to design (slick, cool and metropolitan, that is), and to how customers receive their bikes. They believe bikes should be personalized, not over-designed and gaudy.


They strip away the hassle by shipping the bikes straight to the customer themselves and even detail each step of the manufacturing process with a series of mesmerizing videos from their shop floor.

3. Mariclaro

Mariclaro Reclaimed is a wonderful business that has taken up-cycling and refurbishment to the next level.

Whilst the founder, Sven Schlegel, was studying for his PhD. in resource management in Mexico, he collected abandoned election banners and converted them into the first-ever Mariclaro bag.

From that point onward, the small recycling project grew into a successful re-purposing company.

They’re infatuated with the stories that come with the items they re-purpose and continuing stories. If your someone with something that you don’t use but would love to give a second life, why not get in touch with Mariclaro?


the best Shopify stores make a difference.


All of their products are manufactured by hand and are created from materials which have been discarded, such as car upholstery, 8mm film, bike tubes, and even airliner seatbelts. Using these items they make bags, wallets, billfolds, and accessories.

Prices range anywhere from $54.00 to $999.00 (CAD)


most successful Shopify stores create exciting and unique products.


Mariclaro shows, through their online postings or website, that their refurbished items aren’t some Frankenstein-esque creation, but look professional, stylish, and are high-quality goods.

They even have their own collections, such as the ‘Back to Earth’ collection, which has a connecting ‘theme’. This collection link is that the materials come from the interior of different aircraft.

Mariclaro is a sophisticated company doing great work in protecting the environment. Keep it up!

4. Evan Sharma

A neo-expressionist painter, an entrepreneur, a successful business owner, and chasing his dreams. The most impressive part? He is only 15 years old.

Evan Sharma has had a love for art since he could remember and at 12 years old was painting incredible landscapes and portraits.

One day after visiting the Louvre and seeing the paintings there, he got home and tried replicating the feelings he felt after returning from the gallery.

From that point onward, and with support from his family, he’s been chasing his dreams and now he’s already a success story, quickly becoming well established in the creative art industry.

successful Shopify stores are run by professionals, regardless of age.



Original paintings, though there is no set price tag, you can submit your interest in a painting. However, paintings do make it to auction and have sold for as much as $20,000.00. He also has his own book and footwear brand called RBLB.




Just like other kids his age, he is very active on social media, particularly Instagram. Although, as much as he presents the glamorous side of his life via this medium, he stresses the importance of surrounding yourself in nature.

His paintings and products are inspired by the idea of combining the two sides of our brains, the right (the creative side) and left (the analytical).

This ‘unification’ of the brain is reflected on his website and through his footwear.

5. Steeltown Garage Co.

Steeltown Garage Co. Are for those who want to live life in the Fast lane. Be that literally as someone who is a motorbike rider, or metaphorically, as someone with an insatiable thirst for coffee.

It’s a business, or a better description would probably be a hub, which was built around a love for motorcycles and all the other things that come with being drawn to this type of interest.

No, don’t be scared, it’s not a motorbike club (MC). It’s more like a grizzled coffee shop.

Though, the Steeltown Garage Co. Have built a community, a place for people to hang out and meet new friends.


most successful Shopify stores create communities, not just sell products.



They are a retailer selling anything a motorcyclist would want and a coffee shop. However, they do sell their own in-house apparel and accessories, and their catalog is constantly expanding.

Prices go from $2.00 to $950.00.


successful Shopify stores interact with the community and take part in charities.


Under their mean and gruff exterior (well, at least that’s the impression left from the bad MC’s of yesteryear), they’re a company whose warm, welcoming, and do tons of events with the community. 

Most notably, their Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, to support prostate cancer research and men’s mental health.

If you love bikes, coffee, art, books and a good time, you’ll have found a home with the Steel Garage Co.

Pro tip:

Running a coffee roastery is tricky, especially if you’re manufacturing other products too. That’s why it’s important to find coffee roasting software that can help you easily manage your finished goods and raw material inventory.

6. Press

Move over juicers, there’s a new squeezer in town.

Press is a soft drinks manufacturer who creates drinks and foods which go perfectly for anyone looking to have a healthy and balanced diet.

Press are big believers in supporting customers who strive to improve their physical and mental health, doing this via their magazine ’The Squeeze’ and by uploading instructional videos from exercising or to professionals discussing their tips on improving health.


the best Shopify stores join in on trends.


They sell an arrangement of healthy smoothies, shots, soups, and superfoods. They also sell bundles, ones which you can customize to get a more personalized pack.

Prices go from £3.50 to £700.00.


the most successful Shopify stores offer as much value to the customer as possible.


Press could be argued as a lifestyle manager store. Yes, they sell their food, beverages, and monthly meal packs, but they also have their own magazine giving you advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

On top of this, they have guests giving talks on mental health and just seem to be trying to promote ‘happier’ living, not just healthy.

Press is definitely on trend as people are constantly seeking out new diets, tips, and techniques for healthier living, and Press is aiming to provide all of that.

7. Master & Dynamic

Master & Dynamic manufacture headphones and speakers which are stylish, modern, and utilize innovative craftsmanship.

Born from the mediocrity of the headphones on the market, Master & Dynamic sets out to create products with a lifespan of decades, made from nothing but quality materials.

A business which champions artists, architects, designers, and, most obviously, audio entertainment. Even going as far as to give you the options to add accessories to transform your headphones into a headset (perfect for gamers).

successful Shopify stores are professional.



Master & Dynamic provides a range of products such as headphones, earbuds, accessories, and speakers (ones which have been designed by architects! Very sophisticated).


Prices range from $15.00 to $1,800.00


the best Shopify stores are innovative.



Master & Dynamics are all over social media channels, showcasing their sleek and unique products from blogs to videos and even SoundCloud.

Appealing to professionals or just casual users, their blog page ‘The 10,000’ isn’t to be scoffed at with articles on traveling and even interviews with people working in the creative industry.

Master & Dynamics have cool, innovative, and well-engineered products which their marketing reflects.

8. Iris Scott

Sometimes a business isn’t successful because of some innovative invention or making life easier, some businesses can thrive from imposing limitations and offering challenges.

And Iris Scott’s beautifully finger-painted art is just an example of the fruits which can be picked when embracing limitations.

After having to abandon her paint brushes because she didn’t want to mix colors (and being too excited to take the time to clean them), she finished with her finger and was surprised by how effective the technique was.

From that point forth, she worked within the limitations of only using her finger to complete paintings.




Iris Scott sells the original paintings, prints, or embellished canvas prints at various prices. Prices ranging from $47.40 to $2,880.00. However, it should be mentioned that the most expensive option is a custom artist proof, so you can have a completely personalized painting.

most successful Shopify stores have accessible payment options.


Iris Scott is very active online, constantly sharing images of her work, techniques, interviews, books, and recordings of her in action.

She goes against the practice of withholding affordable prints which is a common practice in the contemporary art scene. Her prints are accessible and affordable so any fan of hers can have their very own painting without breaking the bank.

9. Keap

Keap founders quit their jobs at Google to make candles. Yes, we were thinking about it too, that’s very brave!

They’re two friends who complained about the difficulty to find a quality scented candle to unwind to and one that wasn’t harmful to the environment.

They always fantasized about forming a candle manufacturing business and after doing their research, taking perfumery classes, and touring other factories, they made the plunge.

Now after years of elbow grease, they produce unique candles, from scents inspired by nature and with virtually no waste.





They offer a range of different candles costing $29.50 each or up to $264.50 for a set.


However, the packaging of the candles can be used in compost and the casing converted into drinking glasses (or returned to Keap to be reused or recycled).


the best Shopify stores practice lean manufacturing.





Keap is an eco-friendly company just trying to help others unwind and know that buying their paraffin-less products means they’re helping the environment.


Not only that, 25% of their net profit goes towards the charity SolarAid. An organization which distributes solar paneled lamps to social entrepreneurs to sell to their community, in an attempt to make people less dependent on kerosene lamps.


Keap was formed by two guys with big ambitions and bigger hearts.

10. The Flex Company

Finally, and certainly not least.

The Flex Company is on an epic mission to promote body positivity, empower ladies everywhere, and to crush any negative connotations anyone has regarding periods.

The Flex Company provide an alternative to menstrual products currently on the market. One, which is more durable, minimizes cramps, and, most importantly, allows its users to have sex without fear of creating a mess.

There is no shaming at The Flex Company or no hidden political agenda. They’re only concerned with improving the lifestyle and well-being of women.

the best Shopify stores are revolutionary.


The Flex Disc, costing around $15.00 for one month’s supply.

the most successful Shopify stores are game changers.


We might still be a step behind when it comes to being as open and as articulate as The Flex Company are when talking about the product, but we can certainly recognize how revolutionary their product is.

They present themselves with a lightheartedness and witty attitude. But, when it comes to the product, they use statistics they’ve gathered to persuade women to switch to the Flex Disc.

They recognize that talking about menstruation is a difficult topic for some, so they try to approach it in as laid-back a manner as possible, with testimonies from current users and medical professionals for those who’re unsure about making the switch.

But, their mission to tackle fears head-on and embolden women deserves a standing ovation.

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So, there you have it! Our best Shopify stores of 2019 for their ingenuity, marketing, and their ambitions.

A list also perfect for those trying to gather research for their own store or a store they’d wish to set up. Have a scan through the sites mentioned above for inspiration or even find a Shopify theme that you’d like to take advantage of so you too can become one of the most successful Shopify stores.

Though if you’re looking to set-up a store or take yours to the next level, take advantage of a Shopify inventory management software. With smart inventory software you can:

  1. Monitor inventory as stock adjustments are made autonomously;
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