The 10 Best Shopify Furniture Stores Crafters Can Emulate

We’ve put together a list of the ten best Shopify furniture stores of 2019. Perfect for crafters who are looking for inspiration for their Shopify store.

We’ve put together our choices for the 9 best Shopify furniture stores to inspire any small-scale manufacturers.
Published: 08.04.2019

We’ve put together our choices for the 9 best Shopify furniture stores to inspire any small-scale manufacturers.

Damn Daniel, back at it again with the top 0’s (hopefully you recognized that internet reference).

This time we’re looking at our choices for the ten best Shopify furniture stores of 2019.

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Trigger warning: Please can you check your ego at the door.

The stores featured in this list aren’t in any particular order. We selected them because we think that any small manufacturer, one that’s looking to set up a Shopify store or just looking for ideas, can use these stores as a source of inspiration.

Are You a Furniture Maker Too?

Shopify furniture stores can get more control over their inventory movements by using inventory management software for Shopify.

Shopify furniture stores can get more control over their inventory movements by using inventory management software for Shopify.

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Stock-outs damage your business, but there is a way to avoid them occurring so often. Many companies find their inventory management improves once they upgrade to a furniture making software.

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Without further ado, let’s begin.

1. Brosa

Brosa is a company who wanted to disrupt the traditional business structure of running a furniture store. Before beginning their adventure, they weren’t happy that the associated costs of transporting, importing, and selling products via wholesale were being passed onto the customers.

Brosa eliminates the middleman so you can buy premium furniture without breaking the bank. They handle everything in-house, from designing the product to delivery, and have skilled makers based in Australia, China, and India.

Brosa’s founders have been able to grow and manage their business due to prior experience with e-commerce stores and marketing.

Final Verdict

You can use your knowledge in other areas of the business world to build your company. Just make sure that you’re treating your customers fairly regardless of how you establish yourself.

2. Fyrn

Fyrn designs and manufactures furniture which is built to stand the test of time. How do they achieve this? Their chairs are supported by their patented Stemn bracket, which is made to be durable, replaceable, and simplistic.

Fyrn sources their material from responsible suppliers and deliver their products in recyclable packaging. They want to give customers a chance to purchase environmentally friendly products and become less dependent on “disposable culture” when buying their furniture.

Fyrn allows customers to buy chairs for home assembly or pre-assembled. The company offers instructional videos to help you with getting your furniture ready (psst, they also have 3D models on their site!).

Final Verdict

If you believe you have found a new way of working, don’t be afraid to exploit that. Just make sure to get it patented if you do think its a revolutionary way of working.

3. Standout Designs

The next business’s narrative we’ll explain chronologically, so it makes sense.

In 1946, Joeseph Adler began making cabinets for a new contraption called television. As the demand for TV’s increased, so did his products. He was able to build up a business and pass it onto his son.

The next business’s narrative we’ll explain chronologically, so it makes sense.

In 1946, Joeseph Adler began making cabinets for a new contraption called television. As the demand for TV’s increased, so did his products. He was able to build up a business and pass it onto his son.

That son (and eventually his son) ran the business for 44 years until it unfortunately closed.

But, like a phoenix from the ashes, Standout Designs was founded by Mr. Adler’s grandson, allowing the legacy to continue.

Standout Designs is a business which crafts quality cabinets for those looking to improve their home entertainments aesthetic. The founder says, “Focus on the products. Make sure you are delivering quality, value, and solutions to a particular need.” to be successful.

Final Verdict

If you want to run a successful Shopify store, find a niche and make sure to only produce top quality products.

4. Stone Forest

Stone Forest is an inspiration for anyone looking to turn their hobby into a business.

The founder pinpoints his passion for carving stone during his early 20’s when he was a rock climbing and river guide. It was during this period he became fascinated with the natural beauty of his surroundings and began sculpting blocks of stone in his spare time.

Stone Forst use natural materials when carving award-winning artifacts, which can range anywhere from sinks to garden fountains. The company is a group of artisans and designers dedicated to bringing the essential energy and beauty of nature into people’s lives.

Final Verdict

Stone Forest is proof that you can turn your hobbies and interests into a business.

5. Soaring Heart

Soaring Heart dedicate themselves to making sure customers have an undisturbed sleep with their mattresses.

The mattresses are handcrafted, make to order products, which use the finest organic and all-natural materials. They’ve chosen these toxin-free materials since natural materials have been proven to help relieve arthritis, chronic pain, and allergies.

Soaring Heart is a long-standing business which has been operating for the past 30 years, owing to the fact that they have been able to keep up with the change in technology (particularly toward online shopping).

The business also donates profit toward charities and offers scholarships for those looking to study in the field of sleep. They base their values around the three C’s:

Comfort, craftsmanship, and community.

Final Verdict

Make sure that you’re a step ahead of any technological advancements or changes in how consumers use technology. Even if it doesn’t affect your business directly, you should be mindful that it may become the norm in the future.

Pro tip:

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6. Bend

Shopify furniture stores need to be innovative to rise above the competition.


Bend manufacture handcrafted furniture from recyclable material. Do you want a specific design on your product? No problem! Bend offer bespoke options to anyone who wishes to customize their order.

Bend is on a mission to create aesthetically pleasing furniture shaped to fit around your life. Making furniture that wouldn’t look out of place in an average Joe’s backyard or inside a five-star restaurant.

The founder of Bend had an epiphany that they can continue their love for art and design, but also make products that serve a purpose whilst working as an Automotive Sculptor.

They took a chance and pursued a career in furniture making by taking some wire and manipulating it into functional artwork.

Bendy and trendy. Well done.

Final Verdict

Bend is another business which shows that you can continue your artistic pursuits and make something customers need.

7. Hushamok

The founders of Hushamok were recommended to get a traditional hammock after the birth of their first child. The hammock worked a charm, but they thought that the 1000-year-old invention needed reinventing to keep up with modern times.

A family business, with both founders having a background in Environmental Sciences, set out to reinvigorate hammocks, using eco-friendly and organic materials.

A year later, Hushamok was born and helps families get some well-deserved rest.

Hushamok has a passion for designing products that are architectural wonders for families. But they don’t lose sight of the fact that the products are designed to help babies sleep, and that remains their priority.

Final Verdict

Hushamok shows that you don’t necessarily have to create something never seen before to start a business. Even if a product or technique exists, can you figure out a way to reinvigorate it?

8. Rustic Trades

Rustic Trades started from some newlyweds buying furniture for their new home and life together. After countless hours searching stores, they couldn’t find the perfect dining table that matched the price tag.

That’s when the husband proposed a solution, “I’ll build you the dining table.”

Unlike most of us who make empty promises, he went and did it!

Since then, a time-filler has become a full-time business and, just like the first, the tables are still handcrafted.

Since Rustic Trades humble beginnings, they use materials supplied by American companies, use quality carpentry techniques, and use the finest finishes available.

Rustic Trades offer bespoke tables ensuring your order can be designed to fit around your lifestyle.

Final Verdict

Rustic Trades show how you don’t need to be an expert manufacturer before starting your business. The founder noticed a gap in the market and learned the skills after the discovery.




Artisurn offers handmade cremation urns designed by talented artisans, so customers can honor their loved ones and beloved pets who’ve passed.


A unique business which aims to partner with artisans to design an urn which is not only meant to be a resting vessel, but a piece of art intended to celebrate the life of the deceased.

The business started when the founder lost their close friend and was unable to find an appropriate urn for the funeral.


Not only do they create meaningful urns, but they have a series of blogs dedicated to helping those struggling with the grieving process.

Final Verdict

Your business can draw inspiration from something rather personal. But, be mindful that your intentions are to be helpful and respectful, not to take advantage of someone.


That about wraps up our ten best Shopify furniture stores list. We hope that each store gave you a little something to take away and apply to your own Shopify store.

It’s all very well and good to get inspiration from these stores. But, really you should be aspiring to be on every future best Shopify stores list.

“But how?” You might be asking through an exasperated sad lip.

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So, there we have it, we hope you enjoyed our ten best Shopify furniture stores list, let us know in the comments below which was your favorite.

Until next time, happy manufacturing!

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