How to Find Your Way to High Converting Shopify Themes

It’s not always easy to find a high converting Shopify theme, especially when there are so many on offer. That’s why it’s best to start with a few trial runs and start to narrow them down from there.
It’s not easy to find the right high converting Shopify themes for your store. Here is a little guide with some ideas on where can start your journey.

It’s not always easy to find a high converting Shopify theme, especially when there are so many on offer. That’s why it’s best to start with a few trial runs and start to narrow them down from there.

As a maker, you simply cannot ignore the appearance of your website. It’s one of the most crucial aspects to your success for the reason that it makes that first impression which decides on whether visitors stay. 

But how is it possible for you to create a well-organized layout that showcases all your wonderful products? We suggest that you to look through the best Shopify themes that express your brand identity and approach.

In this post, we will guide you through a few simple steps that help you select a high converting Shopify theme for your next online-store. Without any further ado, let’s begin...

Choosing the Most Stylish Design: Is It Really Important?

You’re going to have doubts when looking at the ready-made solutions laid in front of you. Each of them have different layouts, color combinations, and typography which are all equally important. Your task is to choose the most appropriate theme that is ideal for your business considering all these terms.

And you should always keep one important fact in mind. Almost 94% of web-users decide on their first impressions solely based on design, rather than content. This proves that you should pay lots of attention while searching for a proper ready-made solution.

In addition to this, the right template is capable of building an image of your business, turning your company into a brand, and presenting your goods in the best possible light. It also allows improving the rate of exchange, trustworthiness, and so on. 

In the biggest number of cases, users opt for F-shaped patterns. This means that a high converting Shopify theme must have a great header and a sidebar situated on the left side. As a result, it takes little effort for visitors to navigate through your online store and view your various Shopify images. Even for those who visit your website for the first time.

It’s an ideal consideration when looking for a high converting shopify theme.

Start Your Business with the Most Robust Theme

The Brooklyn theme is best known as a high converting Shopify theme for its brilliant design template, which is perfect for displaying high quality images.

Now, the first thing is that you should get familiar with a website called Speck and Stone. This business specializes in handmade ceramics. For this reason, they need something that has both a professional and elegant look. 

The owners of this business decided to choose the Brooklyn Theme, a particularly high converting Shopify theme. Check out their cozy and eye-catching website for yourself.

Large high-quality images, user-friendly navigation, and marvelous typography. Each of these elements allow your eyes to focus on the unique assortment presented on the store.

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What Questions Should You Ask Before Picking Your Template?

Have you never created an online store before? If not then you might be wondering where to start.

Well it’s always a good idea to take a look at what the best Shopify stores are doing.

Once you have an idea though, it is always possible to take advantage of the default template to get the ball rolling. In such a way, you can make experiments with multiple components, edit them, and see what is better for your website. If you want to get closer to a real online-store, make sure to answer the following questions:

  1. What kind of user experience will be suitable for your target audience?

  2. What are the main instruments that you should include in your online store?

  3. How can you overcome your competitors?

  4. What is the best way to present your assortment?

  5. What are the number of products that will be demonstrated on the website?

  6. What kind of ready-made solution you need (a free or premium one)?

Do not forget that you are free to change the color scheme and work with fonts. If you like a ready-made solution but not its colors and typography, there is no need to worry. You can always work with them.

Have you already answered all these questions? Are you fully aware of all the specific components that you should include in your online store? In this case, let’s start speaking about a few real high converting Shopify themes in the next paragraph.

PRO TIP: As a maker you need to be making the most out of your Shopify theme by keeping your operations running smoothly in the background. That means using order and inventory management tools which integrate with Shopify.

Paper Republic is a leather journal and accessory manufacturer that managed to do this using Katana Smart Manufacturing Software. With this tool they were able to:

- Improve production planning by 60%;

- Product personalized products on order; and

- Improve inventory accuracy by 29% through stock sync.

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Your Perfect High Converting Shopify Theme

It is impossible to speak about hundreds (and even thousands) of ready-made solutions that can be found on the web. Today, let’s focus your attention on three impressive variants that should meet your expectations.

Multifly - Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Multifly is a great all round high converting Shopify theme.

This ready-made template can be used for all purposes that you can imagine. Fashion, fishing, building materials, wholesale, electronics, cosmetics, jewelry, and so on and so forth… Each of these niches can be presented in the best possible light. You are also free to take advantage of the mega-menu, different social options, sorting options, collections catalog, newsletter subscription, and many other options.

Newelise - Jewelry Shopify Theme

Newelise is a top example for high conversion jewelry shopify themes.

This sophisticated template was carefully crafted for those people who are interested in promoting jewelry and accessories on the Internet. You will get an easy-to-use Shopify Builder that allows creating as many different layouts as you want in a codeless way. 

There is also a powerful Ajax cart, contact and search forms, brands, product quick view, and other features. For the jewelry maker this is a top choice when searching for a high converting Shopify theme. Just remember to look at what the current best Shopify Jewelry stores are doing to get an idea of what to aim for.

Vanessa - Clothing Store Shopify Theme

Vanessa is a brilliant example to lead the way for choosing a Shopify theme that converts well for clothing stores.

If you are looking for an original theme to present your fashionable clothing, you should take a glance at this professionally-looking variant. You will be provided with different slideshows with animation effects, blogging functionality, and Google Maps. Do not forget that you can translate your online-store into several languages using a Google translate extension.

Final Thoughts

Now of course every enterprise differs from others in its needs and requirements. But hopefully, this path will give you some ideas so that you can make a reasonable decision and create an effective online store. 

We know how difficult it can be to make this choice when you have so many elements to focus on. Your inventory management, marketing efforts and  production planning just to name a few.

Which is why it’s important you take your time here try out as many themes as you can and align them with your customers needs.

Always remember to compare different items, look through their advantages and disadvantages, and imagine how your website will look like. It won’t be long before you find a high converting Shopify theme that works for you.

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