10 Best Shopify Jewelry Stores to Inspire Artisans in 2021

We list the best Shopify jewelry stores of 2020, perfect for any modern manufacturer looking for inspiration running or starting their own store.

Here is our list of the best Shopify jewelry stores of 2019 for any crafters looking for inspiration.
Published: 15.03.2021

We’re back once again with another top 9 list, but this time we’re looking at the best Shopify jewelry stores. Perfect for any crafter out there looking to start their own business or simply in need of some inspiration for their own store.

We were so fascinated with the stores on our list we could have went on for days writing about them, so for the sake of saving time, let’s delve straight into it!

A quick disclaimer first: this list is in no particular order.

Cherry Diva

Top Shopify jewelry stores can help other manufacturers with their own business.

Cherry Diva is a business based in the chim chiminey lands of the UK. They resell and design their own bohemian inspired treasures.

Their commitment is to bring you affordable and fashionable jewelry from around the world.

Their business’s journey began from the frustrations of trying to find boho jewelry on the Highstreet. They quickly noticed that stores didn’t offer much variety and what was being offered would cost a shopper an arm and a leg.

Their operation started off very… “punk” (hey, punks in fashion… we think). They were able to source products from abroad and started selling their wares at market stalls, car boot sales or boot fairs depending on which side of the Atlantic Ocean you’re on, and social events.

Admittedly, the Cherry Diva founders have said they didn’t do a whole bunch of research before embarking on this endeavor.

But they did have one goal, they wanted to sell to – Everyone.

Jewelry stores that use Shopify should probably add this goal to their company objectives.

Yes, a bit ambitious, but that goal led them to the natural conclusion to get themselves online and the rest is, as they say, history.

Now they have moved on to manufacture their own line of jewelry, have a huge social media presence and their products are even loved by celebrities like Joanne Clifton and Professional WWE wrestlers, Sasha Banks and Saraya-Jade Bevis.

Final Verdict

The most impressive piece of information we omitted was that the founders started their business with just a £100 investment. Even if you have very little capital to invest, you should be inspired by Cherry Diva by understanding that you too can launch your business with just sheer determination and an objective… even if one of those goals is a bit broad.

Vivian Frank

Jewelry stores that use Shopify increase their sales by the exposure from e-commerce.

Vivian Frank is the perfect example of a “What if?” business, although it didn’t start that way for the founder.

Originally the founder, Simona, was working as a production manager on feature films. However, once she gave birth to her son, she left the hectic life of the creative industry and took up the hectic responsibilities of a stay-at-home mother.

She always liked making jewelry and took it up as a hobby, making jewelry for friends and family. Slowly, she converted her office into a jewelry workshop and began selling her products via e-commerce channels.

Based in the land of Velcro, Switzerland, Simona founded Vivian Frank (the company name is inspired by her two kids) as an independent designer crafting boho glam-influenced jewelry, which is recognized internationally and has been featured in fashion magazines.

All her products are hand-made, and she practices fair trade. If Simona could give a piece of advice to anyone, she would recommend people to try different marketing strategies and, especially for crafters, use Pinterest to showcase their wares… this is where she claims to get most of her traffic.

Final Verdict

Even though Vivian Frank didn’t come to be in this manner, her business still highlights that anyone can potentially make money with their hobbies. All you need is to understand where your audience is waiting for you and have a passion for what you do.

YCL Jewels

Best Shopify jewelry stores are innovative.

YCL Jewels manufactures hand-made jewelry. They design and make products in-house but also work with crafters overseas. Their pieces of jewelry draw inspiration from everyday life, and they’re based in the down under lands of Australia.

The business was founded by Fabienne, a self-taught artisan jewelry maker and designer. Before starting this journey, she worked as a nurse in aged care and mental health. Her success led to her being featured in Business News Australia’s Top Entrepreneurs on the Gold Coast under 40.

A very compassionate business owner who has gone after her dreams.

Her jewelry’s design has been commented on as being minimalist and feminine. YCL makes limited edition jewelry, once a collection has been sold, it’s gone for good.

YCL believes beauty shouldn’t come at the expense of an animals suffering and proudly boast that they will never use animal by-products in their manufacturing process.

They also believe in protecting the environment and try to deliver items with as little packaging as possible.

Final Verdict

Fabienne didn’t come from a school which specialized in jewelry making. She took her passion for creating jewelry and was able to turn it into a business. Since that moment she has gone on to build an internationally recognized brand, which has featured in several news outlets. Fabienne is an inspiration to anyone who wants to turn their hobby into a business.

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Metal Marvels

Choosing the correct Shopify jewelry theme can make customers navigate the website easier.

Metal Marvels is a jewelry line launched by Katie which celebrates individualism, crushing stereotypes about how a woman should behave and promotes the healthy expressive nature of swearing like a sailor.

And it’s a mo’ f-ing breath of fresh air.

Right, that’s about as close as we’re going to get to swearing, so we’ll allow Katie to do what she does best and speak for herself.

Metal Marvels is a brand and place for women to be themselves without the concern of how others may perceive them.

The business came to be when Katie, after several less than satisfactory jobs, was searching for accessories which would boost her confidence and not cost a fortune.

But during her searches, she could only find jewelry that was mainly feminine and dainty, stuff that didn’t match her larger than life boldness.

She began crafting her own jewelry and it took off from there. You can now find the Expletives and Affirmations collections which is a celebration of being yourself and not giving a hoot about others.

Would you like a business similar to Metal Marvels? Well, then you’ll be glad to know that you won’t need a huge amount of money to start something like this, you just need to be yourself and be prepared to have a whole lot of hustle.

Final Verdict 

The last paragraph brings us to why Metal Marvel is one of the most unique Shopify jewelry stores you can find and something which other manufacturers should aspire to. You don’t have to be corporate or have a ‘family friendly’ brand. You can launch a business and brand that captures every aspect of who you are, even if it’s not traditionally appropriate.

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Rebel Nell

Best Shopify theme for jewelry can be found on the Shopify website.

Rebel Nell tagline reads, “One of No Other Kind” and we couldn’t describe them with a better description ourselves if we tried.

Rebel Nell is a social enterprise whose designers are disenfranchised homeless women from Detroit.

The aim of Rebel Nell is to employ, educate and empower these women to become independent.

They give women who have experienced hardship a place to earn an income.

Not only do they teach their students how to craft jewelry with the help of local organizations, but they also teach them business management tactics so they can run their own businesses when they graduate.

Using all their newly acquired knowledge these women are given the tools to go out into the world and create their own opportunities.

Rebel Nell’s founder, Amy Paterson, was fascinated with graffiti murals. Once the art starts to chip away from exposure, Rebel Nell takes the pieces to use as their unique material.

Also, the designers have total creative freedom meaning that jewelry produced by the company is completely unique and cannot be replicated elsewhere.

You can check out their business below. They feature with two other innovative businesses operating in Detroit which we recommend checking out too.

Final Verdict

Everything about this business is to be admired. They help those who need it most and give them another chance to redefine themselves. Their material repurposing efforts mean they can keep a graffiti’s artists work alive and their items are, quite literally, a little piece of Detroit, celebrating its culture. Best Shopify jewelry stores are ones who think outside the box like Rebel Nell.

Shopify jewelry stores can be used to help you with your own store.

QALO is a business which promotes family orientated couples, who’re proud of their relationships but don’t like the restrictive and cumbersome nature of traditional metal wedding rings.

“What do you mean cumbersome? It’s a wedding ring!” you might be wondering.

Normal wedding rings you must consider if you can leave it on or not. If you’re into athletics, the ring will be coming on and off depending on what you’re doing. And then you must worry about storage and even possibly losing it.

The founders of QALO had this dilemma themselves. They were two friends who were newlyweds but couldn’t stand wearing their wedding rings, to the point it was causing small issues in their relationships.

So, they went on the hunt for metal ring replacements, ones that were safe and comfortable, because they did want to show their commitment but they struggled to find anything like that on the market.

That’s when they decided to make their own silicone rings which were versatile for versatile lifestyles.

Final Verdict

The founders of QALO found a niche and small gap in the market. Their products are targeted towards the more outdoorsy people, but their stylish and comfortable rings make the desirable for anyone. Along with their rings, they have built a huge community, promoting active healthy living and have a ton of professional athletes sporting their products.

Paolo Costagli

Top Shopify jewelry stores are ones where designers are pursuing their dreams.

All of the other business above are mostly examples of businesses which have found a gap in the market, do something unconventional or have focused entirely on brand image.

But, what about crafters and artisans who aspire to be recognizable names in the fashion industry?

Let us introduce Paolo Costagli, a fine jewelry brand recognized for its sophistication, modern and distinctly bold designs, based in the city that never sleeps, New York.

Paolo Costagli is a definite trendsetter, all executed by the creativity and technical expertise of the founder, who named the business after himself, Paolo Costagli.

His collections are considered avant-garde in its design, shaped by his high-level craftsmanship and using the finest material, his products step over the line of jewelry and can be considered art.

As an artisan, all his products are hand-made jewelry and uses no machines.

One of his collections, Brillante, is inspired by ancient Venetian design, appropriate for everyday wear. But the products are very polished, creating a sparkling effect, making them perfect for evening and night ware.

Final Verdict 

Paolo Costagli should be bookmarked by any designer who wants to break into the fashion industry, like the next Michael Kors… but with jewelery… we’re not sure who’s the go-to for the fashion industry.

Pro tip:

Many Shopify stores use Shopify inventory management. This allows them to receive sales orders, monitor project progression, see the latest stock level and order new material all from one easy-to-use dashboard.

By Charlotte

Jewelry stores that use Shopify need to be themselves to rise above the competition.

By Charlotte is a bohemian jewelry store which has amassed a huge cult following, with celebrity fans such as Miranda Kerr, Tash Oakley, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Georgia May Jagger, Shanina Shaik, and Georgia Fowler.

Charlotte’s store inspired by her spirituality she has gained from traveling around the world. In her own words, “Inspired by my love of semi-precious stones, crystals, symbols and their deeper meanings the evolution of the brand has been a natural and organic progression.”

Charlotte’s mission statement is to create delicate boho jewelry that has meaning for her customers.

Taking it a step above almost all other jewelry makers, she wants her customers to have deeper meanings from her products. Her wares are symbolic and powerful, making the wearers feel beautiful but to be inspired and empowered “with mantras of love, enlightenment, and harmony.”

Final Verdict

This might be unfair to say from Charlotte’s point of view, but the reason we’ve highlighted her business as one of the best Shopify jewelry stores is that the brand image is based around a trend. When we say trend, we mean people are becoming more individualistic and are seeking meanings through spirituality, and By Charlotte caters to these customers.


apparelix (1).png

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With Apparelix as your launching theme for your start-up eCommerce business, you receive fully integrated online selling interfaces, like quick view, shipping calculator, product reviews, and a ton more.

Final Verdict

This Shopify theme comes with tons of features, including additional home page layouts, header and footer layouts, collection and product page variations, different custom pages, 60+ sections, RTL, 10+ skins, unlimited color options, and various fonts. Go with it, and you can have a fully functional online store ready to go live shortly after.

Gwen Delicious

Top Shopify jewelry stores are elegant.

Gwen Delicious designs a wider-range of jewelry such as necklaces, rings, earrings, cuff links & accessories.

Designing and creating jewelry seems to come naturally for founder Bonnie A. Doyle, who grew up watching her father, for hours on end, designing and creating in his own workshop.

Gwen Delicious manufacturers pieces inspired by her childhood memories of exploring the wilderness. But she does also produce a more modern-day inspired line of jewelry.

Originally, Bonnie held a day job, though after her second child had potentially life-threatening complications as a baby, she became a stay-at-home mother and dabbled with Gwen Delicious to see where it could possibly go.

Now, it’s a full-time business, run by Bonnie and her husband who has taken on production duties, allowing her to design and create her pieces.

A big piece of advice she would offer to other crafters is to get on Shopify as soon as you can. As Shopify offers apps to help sell your products, which in turn will allow you to focus on marketing, to work on your brand and to create.

Final Verdict

Gwen Delicious makes it onto our list because this business should inspire other artisans to make their own Shopify jewelry stores. There was no real plan, just a hobby turned part-time business on the side. But now has become a family run business and is still growing!

So, there you have it, this is our list of the best Shopify jewelry stores to inspire any artisan out there. But, what did we learn?

When creating your store, you should take into consideration:

  1. The uniqueness of your product; 
  2. Your brand; and 
  3. Marketing strategies.

However, one thing that every successful Shopify business utilizes is Jewelry inventory software, such as the one which is offered by Katana.

This allows you to get better control over stock levels by autonomously allocating available material to projects and automatically saving any inventory movements. Saving you stress in having to manually input all the nitty-gritty details of manufacturing an item.

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We hope you liked the list, let us know which Shopify jewelry stores were your favorite in the comments below.

Until next time, happy manufacturing.

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