Katana × Quickbooks



Your business operations and accounting synchronized

Automation is your best friend. Avoid tedious manual data hauling from one system to another and focus on things that matter - your brand, your products, and your customers.

Connecting Katana and Quickbooks keeps your orders and inventory levels synchronized in both systems. Prevent situations where figures in different software systems do not match. Your whole team will benefit and your accountant will love it.


Track stock movements

At the end of each day, we forward all changes in your inventory levels (shipments, receipts, write-offs, stock adjustments) from Katana to Quickbooks. Save time and avoid manual calculations.

Accurate order info

When you finalize a sales or purchasing order in Katana an invoice or bill is immediately created in Quickbooks. Any changes to orders are also synchronized.

Increase sales

You can focus on product design, marketing, and sales by wasting less time on manual data entry and error tracking.


Quickbooks integration is coming soon!

There's more!

Katana also has integrations with other ecommerce platforms and supports multichannel sales. Sign up now for better production & inventory management.