Katana provides us with all the features for manufacturing order management and can track inventory usage and incorporate our sales order tracking into Katana.”

Having the shop floor know what they can or can’t make on a given day is amazing and replaces our previous “system” of spreadsheets.”

With Katana, we are able to track products, build recipes for materials, and set reorder points for our materials as well.”

We also wanted an accurate inventory system for batch planning, warehousing, and sales. Katana fulfills all our needs in a simple, easy solution.”

Bulk actions, bulk edit, managing qr codes and finding best shipping methods – handle your e-commerce store actions all from one place via integrations

Powerful manufacturing software that integrates with QuickBooks

Have your manufacturing and accounting team aligned with manufacturing software for QuickBooks. Automatically sync your supplier and customer data between the teams, and push invoices from the Katana platform to QuickBooks Online with one click.

Setting up the integration is a breeze, as connecting Katana to your QuickBooks account only takes a couple of minutes. From then on, the integration makes sure that information moves smoothly between your QuickBooks Online and the Katana platform. Thereby freeing your accounting team from having to track down the numbers manually and allowing your shop floor operators to focus on what they do best – manufacturing quality products.

E-commerce order management will help workers understand what needs to be done, when to do it, and how to do it.

Accounting made easy with QuickBooks manufacturing software

Without a proper system to track expenses and revenues, you will end up chasing both your employees, and your accountants come the tax filing season. This can get even more complicated if you have an external agency managing your books. Avoid the trouble with manufacturing software for QuickBooks like Katana.

Katana’s QuickBooks integration can simplify the entire process of tax filing by taking care of the painful and boring job of moving bills between systems for you. Moreover, when you change the status of an order in Katana, the system automatically generates and updates invoices based on sales orders and bills based on purchase orders – saving you time and effort of keeping two systems in sync.

Katana Shop Floor App’s remote access - troubleshoot issues without being on-site.

Reprioritize according to changing needs

Be it a sudden burst of unanticipated demand or the changing geopolitical climate. Your business priorities can change at the drop of a hat. Reprioritizing orders and workflows with Katana is literally as simple as clicking and dragging tasks to reflect current priorities. Changes then automatically cascade into the remaining orders, making the entire task of reorganizing and realigning your production to meet the current priorities a cakewalk.

It could also be the case that you already have plenty of tools that you use to streamline some aspects of your business. Katana has a lengthy list of integrations that are supported. Moreover, you can also develop custom workflows using the Katana API — allowing you to leverage your invested tools.

Want to make a shift from QuickBooks Desktop to Online?

Companies are abandoning QuickBooks desktop for QuickBooks Online. But why? Intuit joined us for a webinar explaining why companies are switching and how you can get the most out of transitioning from Desktop to Online.
QuickBooks manufacturing software FAQs
How does manufacturing software affect my accountants?

Accounting is hard and extremely crucial for your business. Not having a system that can keep both your manufacturing and accounting in sync forces your accountants to manually track the bills, and reflect them in your account books. To complicate things further you could have an external agency handling your books.

A manufacturing software that integrates with quickbooks or any accounting platform that you use streamlines the way information flows from one system to another – greatly simplifying the work of accountants and allowing them to pay more attention to your balance sheets and tax returns.

How do I connect Katana to QuickBooks?

Connecting Katana to QuickBooks is extremely straightforward and only takes a couple of minutes. Here is a quick video guide on the Katana x QuickBooks Integration.

What does the integration sync?

You can send sales orders and purchase orders from Katana to QuickBooks. Additionally, you can import all your customers and suppliers to Katana from QuickBooks.

You can find more information about the integration over on the Knowledge Base.

Are other accounting platforms supported?

Yes ⁠— Katana has a native integration for Xero. Additionally, you can also integrate Katana with other accounting software using the Katana API.

Does Katana also handle inventory management?

Yes ⁠— Katana’s live inventory management features make it an excellent manufacturing inventory management software. With the ability to track lots, and serial numbers across multiple locations, your inventory management woes will be a thing of the past.

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