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Katana joins the Shopify Plus Certified Partner app program

We are honored and excited that our efforts in building Katana were recognized by the Shopify Plus Program.

August 23, 2021
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Team Katana

Team Katana

Katana Team

We at Katana started our journey with Shopify when we were listed in the Shopify App Store in early 2019. Two years later, Katana has grown to be an invaluable part of the small manufacturers’ software stack and can boast an average of 4.9-star rating on Shopify.

We are thrilled to be trusted and recognized as Shopify Plus Program partner as the first manufacturing ERP to be included in the program. We are honored to have our name next to other successful Shopify Plus brands such as VelstarAble Sense, and Returnly, helping manufacturers and other merchants to scale their business.

What is Shopify Plus Certified App Program, and Why is it Important?

Shopify Plus Certified App Program selects trusted app partners that solve Shopify Merchants’ fundamental business challenges. There are thousands of apps listed in the Shopify app store. However, only a fraction of them gets selected as Shopify Plus Partners. This hand-picked list of apps ensures that merchants can discover and use trustworthy services with a proven track record of great reviews, high ratings, and overall performance.

Shopify has created the Shopify Plus Certified App Program to highlight industry-leading apps that solve complex problems specific to Shopify Plus merchants. The program aims to bridge the gap between the merchant and trusted apps to scale their business.

How Katana Benefits Shopify Plus merchants?

Katana provides Shopify Plus merchants with manufacturing ERP to gain control over their manufacturing processes, inventory management, and sales orders. Katana can be connected to various other business apps via integrations or API to view and manage all sales orders from one platform.

One of our Shopify Plus merchants, Paper Republic, has improved its production planning by 60% since joining Katana. Meanwhile, Raw Coffee Company has drastically increased their on-time order fulfillment and experienced 40% higher daily task efficiency with Katana.

Here is what Katana provides Shopify Plus merchants:

  • Production planning Our unique real-time production planner automates the tasks associated with putting together your master production schedule and streamlines the entire process. Track inventory in real-time, automatically allocating available material and finished products to fulfill orders, prioritize your schedule so you see what’s important.
  • Real-time inventory control and optimization Katana allows you to stay on top of your inventory – from raw materials to finished goods. It automatically follows stock movements across the production cycle and in multiple warehouses, allowing you to maintain optimal inventory levels. Ensure end-to-end traceability and expiry date tracking with the batch/lot tracking feature. Automate workflows with barcode scanning for incoming materials and moving inventory.
  • Shop floor control for workshop users Elevate your floor-level operations by viewing the production task and ingredient list for each job in the Shop Floor Control App. Easily create, set-up, and remove shop floor operators. Track the time spent on a task with a start, pause, and resume options, and track planned vs. actual materials used in a job.

We are honored and excited that our efforts in building Katana were recognized by the Shopify Plus Program. We are grateful to have such great customers, a fantastic team, supportive investors, and partners who have taken us so far. Katana remains committed to the goal of empowering manufacturers all over the world.

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