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Automate shipping and save time with the 2Ship integration

Sync your shipping orders from Katana directly to 2Ship and experience cheaper rates and automated workflows that save you time.

April 26, 2022
3 min read
Team Katana

Team Katana

Katana Team

Say farewell to constantly checking carrier rates and updating shipping information from multiple locations. Today we’re announcing a brand new integration that adds even more automation for our Katana customers – the 2Ship integration. 2Ship provides companies with an easy-to-use carrier rate comparison module that can automatically pick the best price for each customer order.

Which measures does 2Ship focus on to help your business?

When it comes to shipping, it’s best to keep the process as simplified and automated as possible. It shouldn’t be a hurdle to overcome when delivering products to customers. A streamlined system is exactly what integrating with 2Ship will help you achieve.

  • All your shipping information in one place: Centralize your shipping options, so you don’t need to toggle between tabs to find the best price. 2Ship gathers all the prices in real-time and provides them in one straightforward list
  • Avoid overpaying on shipments: Lower shipping rates directly impact customer satisfaction
  • Total order tracking from one source: Have a complete overview of everything. From orders yet to ship to those that have been successfully delivered and everything in between.
  • Connect Katana for a better overview: Katana already gives you visibility and control over your manufacturing processes, and with 2Ship you get the same visibility and control over your shipping processes.
  • Smart and versatile shipping: Using 2Ship’s consolidation feature, you can mix and match different transportation modes to maximize saving on charges and fees

Skip the manual workflows and integrate with 2Ship in 4 steps

  1. Create an account in 2Ship
  2. Create a connection to Katana from 2Ship via Settings > Store Connections > Add New Connection Wizard > Katana > Connect
  3. At the prompt, sign in to Katana to authorize the connection.
  4. Confirm connection settings

Learn more about connecting 2Ship to Katana on our Knowledge Base.

What’s coming up next?

We’re always working on adding more features and updates to improve your Katana experience – here’s what we have planned to come in the next few months:

  • Custom PDF templates

  • Stocktake workflow available in Katana

  • Partial sales order delivery

Happy shipping!

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