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Automate stock transfers and adjustments via API

New Katana API update — you can now automate stock transfers and stock adjustments between your preferred integrations and Katana.

April 26, 2022
3 min read
Team Katana

Team Katana

Katana Team

Manually updating changes in stock levels in your warehouse or between multiple stock locations is a thing of the past. In late March 2021, we made inventory and batch data in Katana accessible via API. This made it possible to read and send inventory levels from Katana to external systems and services.

With our latest API update, you get full access to stock adjustments and stock transfers to create more complex workflows. Automate stock transfers and stock adjustments between Katana and various integrations, including:

  • Third-party logistics (3PL) platforms
  • Warehouse management systems (WMS)
  • Inventory management systems

Here’s what you can do after this Katana API upgrade

  • Send stock transfers from a third-party WMS to Katana when stock is received or shipped
  • Push inventory data from an external inventory management system acting to Katana by creating stock adjustments and keep it as your central source of truth
  • Import any other inventory adjustments, such as stock takes, write-offs, etc.
  • Create endless custom workflows

What this means for third-party integrations

Third-party partner integrations with Katana can use the newly available inventory data to improve their services for Katana. Pull data into e-commerce, CRM, 3PL, WMS, or any other platforms with full API access to stock adjustment and stock transfer data to:

  • Create, pull, update, and delete stock transfer data
  • Create, pull, update, and delete stock adjustment data
  • Create batch data

It’s another step towards helping you automate repetitive workflows like manually adjusting stock level changes in Katana when using a 3PL or WMS integration to run your business.

To get started on your journey to automation, head over to our Developer Portal or learn more about Katana open API in our Knowledge Base. If you need any help setting up these new workflows, please contact our support team or browse through our integration Partner Directory for assistance with setting up custom integrations.

What’s next for Katana API

Katana API allows you to create your own integrations between key business apps and Katana to automate data flows. We are constantly working on opening up our API to provide even more customization options for our users. Here’s what’s coming up next:

  • Purchase order data
  • Creating, updating, and deleting product recipes
  • Product operation support
  • Manufacturing order data

Until next time, happy integrating!

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