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Katana API now supports inventory and batch stock synchronization

The latest update to the Katana API allows users to synchronize stock data and support their inventory and batch management.

April 26, 2022
2 min read
Team Katana

Team Katana

Katana Team

We have exciting news for users taking advantage of the API. The latest update allows Katana users to support inventory and map batches your sales orders via API and synchronize stock data to their:

  • E-commerce and CRM platforms
  • 3PL systems and WMS
  • BI and analytic tools
  • Other software

This update will allow users to utilize inventory data for things such as calculating product prices using the average cost.

Finally, you’ll be able to configure your batch consumption for your sales orders.

Katana’s API integration

We’re constantly making updates to Katana’s API, from the addition of webhooks and now inventory and batch tracking support.

Getting started with Katana API means you can:

  • Configure full e-commerce integrations
  • Pull current inventory data to Katana
  • Pull batch stock data back to Katana
  • Update batch details
  • Update sales order rows (including assigning your batches)
  • Add or remove sales orders rows on the existing sales order

Customize your own integrations with Katana. Design them to perform exactly how you want them to and master your workflow. Get started by heading over to our developer portal here.

If coding is your bread and butter, then maybe becoming an integration partner is something that might interest you? We’re always looking for partners to lend a helping hand to other Katana users looking for custom integrations.

However, if coding sounds intimidating, you can always check out our integration partners directory for assistance with setting up custom integrations.

We’re sure this latest update to API will be sure to take your business management to the next level. If you want to read more about the update, please feel free to head over to the Knowledge Base to read all about API.

And until next time, happy integrating.

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