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Gain full access to your manufacturing orders via Katana API

This Katana API update gives you full access to manufacturing orders, enabling additional analytical and custom automation possibilities.

March 10, 2022
2 min read
Team Katana

Team Katana

Katana Team

This latest API update provides Katana customers full access to manufacturing orders, including MO recipes and operations. With this update, you can build custom-made solutions such as:

  • Create, pull, update, and delete manufacturing orders, or unlink MTOs from the sales order row
  • Add recipe rows to a manufacturing order as well as pull, update, and delete MO recipes
  • Add operation rows to a manufacturing order and also pull, update, and delete MO operations

Other benefits to this update

With this latest API improvement, you will also have the ability to build custom analytics solutions, getting us even closer to a full API release.

Examples of custom analytic solutions:

  • Creating a dashboard or custom page to indicate a customer’s MTO manufacturing status
  • Syncing to reporting/dashboards
  • Analyzing performance
  • Forecasting

In addition, this update provides you with the capability to create custom automation like:

  • Splitting manufacturing orders
  • Auto-creating manufacturing orders based on specified conditions
  • Creating custom shop-floor apps
  • Importing MO recipes and operations for highly customizable products
  • Scheduling manufacturing orders to be created in the future, and more

What is API anyway?

API stands for Application Programming Interface, a software intermediary that allows two applications to communicate. Katana’s API is open, meaning that developers outside of Katana can build into our software to make custom connections or integrations. The open API also enables you to set up custom workflows for yourself or take advantage of Katana’s already built partner software solutions.

Happy customizing!

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