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Take full control of planning and scheduling your automotive manufacturing processes from A to Z. Automate daily tasks and integrate Katana’s manufacturing ERP with sales and shipping software to unify business operations.

Since implementing Katana's cloud ERP, we’ve grown our product offering, and that wouldn't be possible without it. It has freed up my time so I can focus on designing and creating more products. It also means that I am not working until 11 pm every night.

Thomas Judge

Owner, GJ Motorsports

Manufacture robust and reliable automotive products with Katana's cloud ERP

Katana’s name is an homage to the lean manufacturing principles that came out of Toyota, so we’re always excited to see automotive manufacturers achieving success with our platform. Using Katana’s automotive manufacturing software, you can cut down on unnecessary admin, and spend more time developing products and expanding your range. 

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Maintain inventory control, understand material requirements, and keep production quality high

Automotive manufacturers working with industrial machinery need to have clarity over every element of the product. This is where a well-structured bill of materials (BOM) is crucial. These are major features of Katana’s platform, helping your team to have clarity over which materials make each product and how they fit within the product designs. Monitoring your BOMs, along with your sales, will help you in supply chain planning and knowing when you need to set automatic reorder points for raw materials which are constantly in demand. With these, your building supply will never be short, and you won’t be susceptible to stock-outs.

Your BOMs will also assist your quality management systems to maximize quality control, as you can use product feedback to tweak bills of materials and improve products over time.

subassembly MOs

Build compliant products, manage your warehouse, and sell to your ideal market

Building cars or car parts differs from other types of manufacturing, as your products need to remain compliant with certain local and global safety standards. This compliance management can be covered within Katana as you can add notes, comments, and even compliance rules to your BOMs, to make it clear to your automotive manufacturing team what each product’s requirements are.

With the Katana Shop Floor App, warehouse management is even easier, as you can set tasks for your team and track completions across multiple locations without even needing to be there. And once products are made and ready to sell, our e-commerce integrations allow automotive manufacturers offer products online or in physical locations, targeting new customers or the automotive aftermarket depending on your preference. Our shipping integrations will also help with meeting customer demands when it comes to delivery expectations and safety.

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Create custom API integrations

Use Katana’s open API to create custom workflows and connect Katana’s ERP system to apps beyond our list of integrations. Automate data transfers between the services you use to level up efficiency. Take a look at our API documentation to learn more.

Automotive manufacturing software FAQs
What is enterprise resources planning or ERP software?

Enterprise resources planning is a strategic approach that integrates people, processes, and information across all phases of the product life cycle. An enterprise resource plan (ERP) is a collaborative tool allowing companies to manage their supply chain in real time by optimizing inventory and workflow for maximum efficiency.

Manufacturing ERP software like Katana integrates with a range of accounting tools for streamlined financial management, as well as e-commerce platforms for easy order management that are synced with inventory data. Automotive manufacturers use Katana to get a live look at all the moving parts of their business in one intuitive manufacturing platform. Learn more about Katana’s cloud ERP features here.

Can I track inventory in multiple locations using barcode scanning?

Yes, you can use bar coding and barcode scanners with Katana to keep track of stock, products, and batches across all of your warehouses and storage facilities.

Can I work with both make-to-stock and make-to-order workflows?

Yes, Katana’s ERP software supports both manufacturing methods, with the ability to track stock within your warehouse and manage stock and product inventory, and shipments.

How long does it take to implement a manufacturing ERP solution like Katana?

You should be able to get Katana’s cloud ERP software up and running within a couple of days, as Katana offers a well-presented platform, and has an extensive Knowledge Base with lots of video guides to help you get started.

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