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Optimize stock levels with parts inventory management software

Businesses need accurate inventory data to keep stock levels optimal. Katana’s parts inventory management software gives you real-time info about every part, product, and material.

Parts inventory management software to manage every part of your business

Katana’s parts tracking software is the ideal platform for businesses that need to track more than just finished goods. Besides finished products, it tracks work-in-progress, MRO, and raw materials, giving you a complete overview of your entire inventory.

Full traceability with parts tracking software

Tracking every piece in your inventory is no easy task, but it becomes effortless with a parts inventory management system. Katana gives you a live overview of your entire inventory, including locations, quantities, and incoming and outgoing orders.

Parts inventory system like Katana allows you to:

  • Ensure full end-to-end traceability with serial number tracking
  • Automate inventory operations with barcode scanning
  • Set reorder points and safety stock for optimized inventory levels
  • Monitor inventory in real time across all of your locations

Keep your entire business connected with Katana

Katana’s parts inventory management software is the heart of your business, connecting all your other tools. With its seamless integrations and an open API, you don’t have to worry about manually copying information between your applications.

Katana’s parts inventory system makes it easy to:

  • Keep your inventory and accounting data synchronized
  • Integrate with e-commerce platforms to automate inventory transactions
  • Create customized workflows with Katana’s open API
  • Monitor your business metrics with the built-in analytics feature

Make better decisions with the real-time inventory data you need

Without real-time data, it can be difficult to know what’s in stock, what needs to be ordered, and how to optimize your inventory levels to ensure you have the products your customers want, when they want them. But there’s a better way to keep track of all this information – and it starts with inventory management software.

Powerful features in inventory management systems allow you to see real-time updates on the status of your inventory, make better decisions about how to manage it, and synchronize inventory data across multiple locations. Considering these advantages, an inventory management software solution is the key to unlocking the power of real-time data in your business.

Katana gives you the real-time inventory data you need to:

  • Make accurate manufacturing and purchasing decisions with live data
  • Ensure optimal inventory levels at all times
  • Prioritize production based on raw material availability
  • Get task-level control for effective shop floor management
  • Automate manufacturing cost calculations based on your bill of materials and operations

Keep track of all your moving parts with Katana’s parts tracker

Katana offers a wide range of features enabling businesses to effortlessly monitor and manage their inventory, production, sales, and purchasing operations.

Live inventory management

Easily manage your entire inventory from raw materials to finished goods, including products with multiple variants

End-to-end traceability

Generate and track serial numbers on parts and finished products for full traceability and recall readiness

Seamless integrations

Connect your favorite business tools, from e-commerce to accounting, for a unified business experience

Multilocation inventory management

Track stock movements in real time across all your inventory locations for streamlined operations

Warehouse management

Gain full control of your inventory, from ordering materials and products to tracking outgoing goods

Barcode scanning

Streamline stocktakes and inventory arrivals and eliminate human errors with barcode scanning

Integrate Katana with the services you know and love

Connect Katana to third-party software or create your own workflows via API

Choose from a range of e-commerce, accounting, CRM, reporting, and automation integrations to streamline your key business operations and track your inventory across your entire supply chain. Katana’s inventory management software is built to fit with the software you need to make live inventory tracking easy. Take a look at Katana’s growing list of integrations to learn more.

Katana provides us with all the features for manufacturing order management and can track inventory usage and incorporate our sales order tracking into Katana.”

Mikhail MooreChief Executive Office (CEO) at Vitacore Industries

It’s great to be able to see where inventory faults happen and being able to fulfill orders and where the turnaround happens.”

Alaina Oehrlein
Production Lead at Essence One

Katana accurately keeps stock of assemblies and ingredients so that I can plan production and get instant feedback on whether we enough resources in stock.”

Kelly Costello
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Puppy Cake

We also wanted an accurate inventory system for batch planning, warehousing, and sales. Katana fulfills all our needs in a simple, easy way, unlike other inventory solutions.”

Irah Vet
Founder and Production Manager at Hornby Organic

Parts inventory management software FAQ

Keeping track of parts inventory involves systematic organization and monitoring of all parts and components in stock to ensure availability, optimize storage, and manage reordering processes efficiently. This can be achieved through various methods, including:

  1. Parts inventory management software — Utilizing specialized software, like Katana, that offers real-time tracking of inventory levels, materials, and production schedules. These tools provide visibility into your inventory, allowing for better decision-making and streamlined operations.
  2. Barcode scanning — Implementing barcoding systems for all parts, which can be scanned into and out of inventory, ensures accurate tracking and reduces human error.
  3. Regular audits — Conducting periodic physical counts of inventory to verify records and adjust discrepancies.
  4. Minimum stock levels — Setting minimum stock levels for critical parts to trigger automatic reordering, ensuring you never run out of essential components.

Parts management is the process of overseeing and controlling company-held inventory of machine parts and components.

It involves the organization, storage, and distribution of parts, ensuring that they are available when needed for production, maintenance, or service. Effective parts management helps minimize downtime, reduce holding costs, and optimize inventory space.

It encompasses various activities, including inventory tracking, forecasting demand, replenishing stock, and managing supplier relationships.

Utilizing tools like Katana can significantly enhance parts management by providing real-time visibility into inventory levels, streamlining operations, and facilitating better decision-making.

Managing spare parts inventory effectively involves several strategic steps:

  1. Categorize parts — Group your parts into categories based on usage rate, value, and criticality to prioritize management efforts.
  2. Implement a parts inventory management system — Use software like Katana to automate tracking, ordering, and stock level alerts for your spare parts. This technology can drastically reduce manual workload and improve accuracy.
  3. Establish reorder points — Determine minimum stock levels that trigger reordering for each part, ensuring you always have essential components on hand without overstocking.
  4. Supplier relationships — Develop strong relationships with reliable suppliers for quick replenishment of critical spare parts.
  5. Regular reviews — Continuously review and adjust inventory levels, reorder points, and categorizations based on changing needs and historical data.

Get visibility over your sales and stock

Wave goodbye to uncertainty by using Katana Cloud Inventory for total inventory control