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Enterprise manufacturing software to take care of all your production needs

Adopt Katana’s enterprise manufacturing software and gain full visibility of your production processes, stock levels, supply chain, and much more.

Streamline your manufacturing processes with Katana

Manufacturers often end up spending hours every day on mindless admin tasks that just have to be done. Katana can help you streamline your day-to-day operations to save time and reduce errors, leaving you free to keep manufacturing.

A purpose-built ERP platform for manufacturers

Manufacturers have very specific needs when it comes to the software they use to run their businesses. From tracking inventory and orders to managing production schedules, manufacturers need an ERP system that is designed specifically for their industry

Katana is a purpose-built ERP system for manufacturers. It includes all of the features and functionality they require to run their businesses efficiently and effectively.

From inventory management to production planning, Katana has everything necessary to streamline production operations, including:

Store in multiple warehouses, sell across multiple channels

Companies always try to maximize their efficiency and expand their customer base to get a competitive edge. To ensure every potential customer has access to your products and receives them on time, you need visibility into every sales channel and inventory location.

With manufacturing enterprise resource planning software you can manage sales from various channels, such as:

  • Online stores
  • Brick-and-mortar retailers
  • Distributors
  • Marketplaces

Katana allows manufacturers to track sales orders in one place across all channels.

What’s more, Katana keeps your inventory in sync across all warehouses, making managing your sales and inventory easy. With Katana’s enterprise manufacturing software, you have complete visibility and control over your entire operation

All your business tools unified

Successfully managing your business becomes a lot easier once you have a single source of truth for all your operations. Katana unifies your favorite business tools, giving you better control and visibility into every aspect of your organization.

With Katana’s seamless integrations, you can easily connect with:

  • Accounting software
  • CRM platforms
  • Analytics and reporting tools
  • E-commerce platforms

Having everything connected makes data transfers a breeze and ensures your information is kept up to date across all your business tools.

Katana accurately keeps stock of assemblies and ingredients so that I can plan production and get instant feedback on whether we have enough resources in stock.”

Kelly Costello
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Puppy Cake

We also wanted an accurate inventory system for batch planning, warehousing, and sales. Katana fulfills all our needs in a simple, easy solution.”

Irah Vet
Founder and Production Manager at Hornby Organic

Having the shop floor know what they can or can’t make on a given day is amazing, and replaces our previous “system” of spreadsheets.”

Sara Varela
Founder and Designer at Sara Gabriel

Katana provides us with all the features for manufacturing order management and can track inventory usage and incorporate our sales order tracking into Katana.”

Mikhail Moore
Chief Executive Office (CEO) at Vitacore Industries

Want to see Katana in action?

Book a demo to get all your questions answered regarding Katana’s features, integrations, pricing, and more.

An enterprise manufacturing intelligence software that integrates with a wide variety of business tools for a smooth workflow

Native integrations, codeless templates, and fully customizable API integrations

Katana gives users access to the API, allowing you to create custom workflows and connect your business apps to manage your sales, manufacturing, and accounting on one platform. Automate data transfers between the services you use to level up efficiency. Take a look at Katana’s API documentation to learn more.

Enterprise manufacturing software FAQs

An ERP solution is software that helps manage and streamline the various processes involved in running a business. It can help with tasks such as inventory management, order tracking, financial accounting, and more.

ERP software systems can be customized to fit the specific needs of a business, and can be scaled up or down as needed. They are often used by larger businesses, as they can provide a more comprehensive view of a company’s operations.

Material requirements planning system is a type of manufacturing software that helps businesses manage inventory and production. MRP systems can help businesses plan for production, track inventory levels, and more.

The main difference between MRP software and manufacturing ERP software is that MRP focuses specifically on inventory and production, while ERP systems are more comprehensive and can encompass a wider range of business processes, including things like financial management and quality management systems.

It’s a type of enterprise resource planning software that specifically addresses the needs of manufacturing businesses. A manufacturing ERP system typically includes features for:

Katana’s manufacturing enterprise resource planning software has all the abovementioned features and in addition, it can be connected with other business tools allowing you to manage your whole manufacturing company from a central platform.

Katana’s cloud ERP has the necessary features to take control of your manufacturing operations and give you a competitive advantage. The Katana manufacturing ERP has:

Some of the benefits of using manufacturing software systems include:

Get visibility over your sales and stock

Wave goodbye to uncertainty by using Katana Cloud Inventory for total inventory control