Inventory management

Backflushing inventory without backlash

The success of backflushing inventory depends on how closely standard costs match actual costs, ultimately ensuring accurate inventory costs. Unlike conventional methods that track and record costs during production, backflushing counts expenses only after production has ended or a service has been rendered. We dive into how backflushing allows for an accurate, consolidated allocation of all costs at the end of a product’s manufacture or service delivery.

How does the coffee supply chain work?

The coffee supply chain is a complex puzzle that involves different players and various challenges. Solving it takes a lot of planning and foresight, as well as keeping the ultimate goal in mind: customer satisfaction. So, how does that magic coffee bean make it from the remote farms of Colombia or Brazil to your reusable Starbucks venti cup? Find out how the coffee supply chain works in our latest article.

Hands full of coffee beans above the coffee roaster

Beginning inventory: Everything you need to know

Properly calculating the beginning inventory is crucial for accurate inventory management and just as accurate financial reporting. Mistakes can lead to overstocking or outages, potentially resulting in lost sales, increased storage expenses, and decreased profits. This article discusses how critical beginning inventory is for efficient inventory management.

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