Manage access and permissions for user types in Katana

Katana’s user permission functionality allows for varied access levels — creating a secure and stable user management system.

Published: 28.03.2023 4 min read

For any business, it’s critical to keep sensitive data guarded and viewable by those authorized to see it. With Katana’s new user permissions feature, you can manage which users have access to sensitive data in Katana — giving you more control over security management

Here’s a breakdown of how different Katana user types work and what’s changed with this feature release.

Katana user types and when to use them

Providing customized employee access can be beneficial for everyone involved. When users have a more concise view of data, managers can feel more confident knowing that they only see the information useful to them. Below is an overview of user types available in Katana as well as their access levels.

  • Owners have full access — all permissions and features are available to this role. This role can also manage the team and subscription

  • By default, Users have full visibility and can access all Katana features but can not manage the team or subscription

  • Operators only have access to the Shop Floor App

New granular permissions

In addition to existing user types, we rolled out two categories of permission options for Users.

1. View profit and margin

This permission allows you to hide or show sensitive data:

  • Profit information on Sell and Items screens
  • Profit information within exported SO files
  • Insight sales reports

2. View sales prices

The View sales prices permission gives visibility to sales prices throughout Katana on:

  • Sales orders tables, cards, export files, and print templates
  • Quotes table, cards, export files, and print templates
  • Product table, cards, export files, and import files

3. View cost and stock value

Control which users are able to view cost and stock value information in Katana for:

  • cost information on MOs, POs, and OPOs
  • cost and stock value information on Products and Materials

Useful for companies with multiple users in need of varying levels of access to sensitive information. For example, the purchasing team accounting team may need to see cost information, while the sales team may only need to see sales prices.

4. Manage users and permissions

The permission allows you to share team management duties to other Users, allowing them to add or remove other team members and manage their permissions.

Upcoming user permission functionality

We’ve only unveiled the very beginning of user permissions and there’s a lot more to come. Here’s a sneak peak at what’s in the works:

Here’s what we have next in line:

  • Delete and settings permissions

Until next time, happy team management!

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