Product updates

Keep Your Chosen Filter and Sorting State

Working with Katana is now even smoother! We’ve got a cool new feature that enables Katana to remember the filter and sorting state you last used on a particular screen.

Screenshot of Katana app
  • 1 MIN READ

Unit Conversion for Purchasing

You can now enter a separate purchasing unit of measure for each material and purchasable product in Katana and define the ratio between the stock tracking unit and purchasing unit.

Screenshot of Katana app
  • 3 MIN READ

Company and Warehouse Addresses on POs

From today onward, you can save your company and warehouse addresses on your printed purchase orders, allowing you to use the documents as official purchase orders for ordering materials from suppliers.

Screenshot of Katana software
  • 1 MIN READ

You can now receive a PO in parts

You can now receive a purchase order in parts, allowing you to choose which items and quantities to receive now and keep the others in expected status.

Screetshot of Katana app
  • 1 MIN READ
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