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Jewelry Inventory Management Made Easy

Katana is the new best friend of jewelry designers and brand owners! Manage materials, production process, inventory and automated sales orders in one easy-to-use jewelry inventory software.

The features and user interface have been designed with the needs of a jewelry designer in mind. Ready to scale your business?

Try Katana free! Easy to set up. No credit card required.  

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Production Planning

Automatically schedule your jewelry production according to actual sales. Prioritize, delegate and track production tasks to make sure your team is in full effect.

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Automated Jewelry Inventory

Real-time stock updates for all your parts and ready-made jewelry pieces. Set safety stock levels to ensure availability and avoid tying up cash with excess inventory.

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Accurate Pricing

No more guessing - know exaclty what it costs to make each piece of jewelry! Easily calculate the cost of materials, outsourced service and labor.

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“Katana is absolutely amazing jewelry inventory software! It's exactly what I needed. Honestly it is a complete Godsend to a business owner like me. The software is very easy to use and I have all my data in one place. Everyone with a jewelry business should try Katana!”

— Dakota Williamson, W & CO. DESIGNS

Jewelry inventory software for modern artisans and crafters
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