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MES software to track real-time production

Resource planning and staying on top of manufacturing operations can be tricky. But with the help of an MES provider, manufacturers can easily monitor their product lifecycle, track and trace items in stock, and manage all data sources in one platform.

Optimize operations with manufacturing MES software

MES software gives your team the live data they need to align production and order fulfillment. Cloud solutions in particular are ideal for growing teams in need of complete visibility at all times. Here are a few ways an MES can help you boost profitability.

Keep your production teams and operations aligned

Production planners, sales teams, quality managers, and shop floor employees need access to the same information to keep their operations in sync. MES software gives everyone in your organization the knowledge they need to make the right decisions. With the right MES implementations, you can say goodbye to miscommunication and mistakes mistakes when it comes to deadlines, scheduling, or stock counting.

MES software like Katana includes functionalities that help you:

  • Ensure optimal inventory levels at all times with real-time master planning software
  • Sync inventory and sales across all channels with one unified platform
  • Prioritize task lists for every operator on your production line to ensure efficiency

Collecting data from sales to your shop floor made simple

Using spreadsheets to track and trace stock and sales orders takes more time than you have to spare. MES software reduces human error and automates repetitive tasks with features like barcode scanning, data import and export, and integrations with industry-leading accounting and e-commerce tools. Having software in place streamlines data collection and keeps your sales and production data in sync.

An MES software like Katana makes it possible to:

  • Eliminate manual inventory updating by automatically collecting data
  • Automate data entry, importing, and exporting for sales and production data
  • Connect with hundreds of integrations in one MES software

Reduce costs with production labor management features

An MES software makes managing your team and tasks simple. Get complete visibility over tasks assigned to shop floor employees as well as production progress for quality managers. Managing multiple data sources, teams, and warehouses with MES software will ultimately reduce costs by improving efficiency and visibility.

Advanced MES features can help you:

  • Assign and reassign jobs to operators who can start, pause, and resume tasks to keep you up to date on production
  • View manufacturing order task and ingredient list for every task in the app
  • Track time spent on tasks to optimize shop floor activities
  • View resource consumption with live material tracking

Want to see Katana in action?

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Integrate with the best e-commerce,
accounting, reporting, and CRM
software out there

Build an integrated software solution with native and custom API integrations

Select from a range of integrations with leading software solutions or use Katana’s open API to create custom workflows. Katana automates data transfers between the services you use on a day-to-day basis to level up efficiency with one MRP software solution. Take a look at our list of integrations to learn more.

Katana integrates everything, making for effective company-wide resource planning and control.”

Danielle Louw
Production Manager at CT LAB

We needed help with Shopify inventory management for raw materials, and Katana exceeded our expectations.”

Pablo Baque
Walk With Me CEO

We chose Katana because it presents our manufacturing business information in the easiest possible way.”

Miguel Salazar
Manager at IDC Componentes

We wanted an accurate inventory system for batch planning, warehousing, and sales. Katana fulfills all our needs in a simple, easy solution.”

Irah Vet
Founder and Production Manager at Hornby Organic

Get visibility over your sales and stock

Wave goodbye to uncertainty by using Katana Cloud Inventory for total inventory control