Most e-commerce platforms are built for selling high-volume, low-price products…but we need documentation and other prerequisites for the sale, even if it’s online. This is why WooCommerce has been the optimal solution, and connecting it with Katana was pretty flawless.”

Since implementing Katana, we’ve grown our product offering, and that wouldn’t be possible without it. It has freed up my time so I can focus on designing and creating more products. It also means that I am not working until 11 pm every night.”

We chose Katana because it seemed to be the most user-friendly software we tried – it is very easy to use and the customer service is great!”

With Katana, we are able to track products, build recipes for materials, and set reorder points for our materials as well.”

Bulk actions, bulk edit, managing qr codes and finding best shipping methods – handle your e-commerce store actions all from one place via integrations

Complete organization with an ERP you can trust

Bringing your manufacturing business into Katana allows you to integrate easily with your existing WooCommerce store. You can organize your materials and products and sync inventory to maintain accurate stock quantities in both your store and warehouse. And all your data is updated in real time, so you always have up-to-date numbers and can set reorder points for your raw materials.

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Get live syncing between production and sales

You can synchronize both your orders and stock using Katana’s ERP integration with WooCommerce. If orders are processing in WooCommerce, they’ll be open in Katana until you mark them as complete. And for stock, and changes in Katana will be immediately reflected in your WooCommerce store, so customers will always know how much stock you have.

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Know your customers and keep them smiling

All of your existing customer data is imported to Katana during your first import with WooCommerce, and then automatically updated each time you receive a new order. You can also import sales directly from all of your WooCommerce stores to manage order fulfillment and production for any stores you haven’t connected to Katana yet.

Connect your WooCommerce store to Katana's manufacturing ERP and test it out today

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WooCommerce ERP integration FAQs
How do I connect Katana’s inventory software with my WooCommerce store?

Integrating WooCommerce with Katana takes just four easy steps and improves order and inventory management in no time:

  • Step 1: Log into Katana, head over to Settings, and select the Integrations menu
  • Step 2: Click Connect and enter your WooCommerce website address to approve third-party access
  • Step 3: Configure what information you want to import from WooCommerce to Katana, i.e. product types, any variable product, or product bundles
  • Step 4: Once you’re done with the setup, select Confirm, wait for the import to finish, and click Go to Sales to start using Katana as your go-to manufacturing and inventory management tool

Besides Katana, there are a ton of different WooCommerce integrations available, from CRM to shipping to marketing. So, be sure to familiarize yourself with the options, as you may find some invaluable tools.

For more information on how to set things up, and see our other e-commerce solutions, take a look at our extensive Knowledge Base guides here.

How do I use Katana inventory management in WooCommerce?
  • When you set up the connection between Katana and WooCommerce, you can select if you would like to import stock levels for products from WooCommerce to Katana. When switched ON:

  • All product inventory levels will be imported from WooCommerce to Katana
  • You can also immediately see Sales item availability and Ingredients availability for all your Sales orders
Can I use Katana to track inventory across multiple locations and WooCommerce stores?
  • Yes, you can use a central stock location, or set up multiple warehouse or storage locations in Katana and choose which location your WooCommerce orders are imported from.

  • If you choose to sync Katana stock levels to WooCommerce, stock, materials and product related data from the same location will be sent to WooCommerce.

  • Also, if you have multiple WooCommerce stores, you can create and map a dedicated Katana location for each of them.

Does Katana integrate with accounting software as well as e-commerce options?
  • Yes, you can integrate your manufacturing platform with the accounting software of your choosing, including native integration with both QuickBooks Online and Xero.

    This allows you to work in multiple currencies, track financial data, including gross profits, accounts payable and receivable, and delay risks for your company by keeping material orders at a steady level to match sales.

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