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Remove the guesswork with Magento inventory software

Keeping track of your inventory as your e-commerce store grows becomes quite the challenge. Katana’s Magento inventory software automatically keeps your inventory levels synced between your store and ERP, so you can be sure you always have the items you need in stock.


Get the live overview you need with Magento inventory software

Tracking your sales and manufacturing orders with spreadsheets can quickly turn into chaos. Katana monitors your sales and purchase orders, ensuring optimal stock levels so you can stay ahead of demand and keep selling your products.

Live inventory management

Get a live overview of your inventory to keep orders flowing and avoid stock-outs

Real-time master planning

Automatic reallocation of resources based on sales and manufacturing priorities

Total shop floor control

Equip your operators with a mobile-friendly Shop Floor App to stay aligned and track job completion

End-to-end traceability

Track items from supplier to customer, essential for batch production and tracking expiry dates

Accurate costing

Keep track of costs based on your bill of materials (BOM) and actual completion times of production operations

Easy integrations

Seamlessly integrate with your favorite tools, including sales, shipping, accounting, and reporting platforms

We struggled to know which items are in stock so that we could build a batch and therefore often found extra components lying around […] Katana, we can now know what we have in store and where to look for it.”

– Danielle Louw– Production Manager at CT LAB 

We also wanted an accurate inventory system for batch planning, warehousing, and sales. Katana fulfills all our needs in a simple, easy solution.”

– Irah Vet – Founder and Production Manager at Hornby Organic 

Having the shop floor know what they can or can’t make on a given day is amazing, and replaces our previous “system” of spreadsheets.” 

– Sara Varela – Founder and Designer at Sara Gabriel 

We chose Katana because it seemed to be the most user-friendly software we tried – it is very easy to use and the customer service is great!” 

– Candice Murno – Founder and Designer at Buttercream Clothing 

Ensure optimal inventory levels at all times

Without proper inventory management software, keeping your inventory synced with your e-commerce platform can get messy. With Katana’s inventory management system, you have real-time data at your fingertips, allowing you to stay up-to-date with manufacturing and material purchasing to avoid stock-outs. 

Having a live view of your inventory and orders allows you to keep your stock at the most optimal level and reduce carrying costs. Katana also allows you to set reorder points so you know exactly when you need to replenish your inventory. 

Manage your inventory across multiple warehouses

As your business grows, you may find the need for an additional warehouse. Or perhaps you have half of your customers on the other side of the globe, and shipping products from there can greatly reduce your delivery costs. 

Whatever the reason, tracking your warehouse inventory accurately across multiple locations is vital but also challenging — that’s where inventory management software comes in. 

Katana keeps your inventory updated across multiple warehouses whenever new materials arrive, or a finished product is shipped. With Katana’s barcode scanning features, you can further automate your inventory management by removing the need to manually input data into the system.

Manage all aspects of your business in one platform

Running an e-commerce store involves working with many different tools. You need to take care of accounting, shipping, customers, reporting, and so much more. Constantly switching between platforms and manually keeping everything in sync can be a nightmare. 

Katana makes it possible to connect your Magento store with a range of business essentials like accounting software and reporting tools. But first, you would need to connect Katana to your Magento store using Zapier. This only takes a few minutes and you don’t need any previous coding knowledge. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to connect Katana’s manufacturing software to your Magento store. 

Besides Katana’s growing list of third-party and native integrations, you can also build your own integrations with Katana’s open API. To learn more about building custom workflows, take a look at Katana’s Developer Portal. 

Magento inventory software FAQs

Magento or Adobe commerce is a popular e-commerce platform used by about 250,000 Magento retailers. It provides businesses with a flexible and scalable platform to create unique e-commerce experiences for their customers. 

Magento offers businesses a wide range of features and tools to create an online store that meets their specific needs and requirements. 

Besides the tools included in the Magento platform, there’s also a wide array of Magento extensions that store owners can use to add more advanced features.

Shopify and Magento are both very popular e-commerce platforms that offer a wealth of features and functionality to help businesses create and manage their online stores. 

The main difference between the two is that Shopify is a hosted platform with many built-in features that make it easier for you to set up. With Shopify, you don’t need to worry about hosting, security, or updates as Shopify takes care of all of that for you. 

On the other hand, Magento is a self-hosted platform that gives you complete control over your store. With Magento, you’re responsible for hosting, security, and updates. 

While Magento can be more complex to use than Shopify, it offers much more flexibility and customization. With Magento, you can create a completely unique store design and add any features and functionality you need. 

Thanks to the advanced customization options, Magento is often the preferred platform for larger businesses that want to have more choices and are unsatisfied with right-out-the-box options. 

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a system that helps businesses manage their day-to-day activities. These include project planning, accounting, warehouse management, customer relationship management, and more. ERPs are also used to automate various business processes.  

With an ERP solution, businesses can get a clear overview of multi-warehouse inventory, stock flow across multiple sales channels, expenses, and much more. Many ERP systems let you connect with third-party applications so that you can integrate with external forecasting tools, CRM platforms, or accounting tools. 

In addition, an ERP system makes internal communication and coordination much easier, as it allows you to give access to sensitive information to only the operator who needs it. 

There are some basic features included with Magento inventory management, but users have an option to purchase a Magento inventory management extension to upgrade for more advanced inventory needs. 

Businesses looking to streamline their operations and automate different business processes may want to opt for an ERP instead of an inventory management extension. 

Katana is the perfect Magento inventory management software that helps you not just with inventory control but with all other areas of your business as well. With Katana’s inventory management solution, you’ll be able to: 

  • Get total visibility across all your sales channels   
  • Sync inventory between your warehouse and Magento store for full inventory control 
  • Connect with transport management systems to take full control of your shipping methods and cut down on shipping cost 
  • Integrate with the best accounting tools to keep your accounts in sync 

 With Magento inventory management software, store owners can free up their time to focus on growing their business instead of worrying about stock management.

Get visibility over your sales and stock

Wave goodbye to uncertainty by using Katana Cloud Inventory for total inventory control